Pre & Post Event Engagement

Setup your Airmeet in preview mode without starting the event
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Overview 2. Webinar Format Preview State Controls 3. Virtual Conference Format Preview State Controls 4. Points to Keep in M...
Wed, 15 Mar, 2023 at 7:29 PM
What is "Pre-Event Entry" and how to enable "Pre-Event Entry" for attendees?
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Overview 2. How to enable Pre-Event Entry for an event. 3. Enable/disable activities available in early access 4. Point...
Sat, 11 Mar, 2023 at 11:18 AM
How to setup "Event Replay" for your participants post your event?
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Overview 2. Enable event replay for your Airmeet event     2.1. Select who can enter the event after it has ended. 3. Format-...
Sat, 7 Jan, 2023 at 4:33 PM