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  • Meetup Format Preview State Controls
  • Conference Format Preview State Controls
  • Points to keep in mind


To make your event more appealing, you would want to decorate your virtual tables and booths with different names and logos. Or even dedicate certain tables for certain people or groups.

With Airmeet’s new feature, you can custom them and make them ready before your big day without starting your event.

Once you are done with all the dashboard settings, you can edit inside-the event features like virtual tables and booths by following the below steps:

Step 1: Signup /sign in to Airmeet.
Step 2: Create an event and add all the required details on the dashboard.
Step 3: There are two areas where you can find the “Preview Airmeet” button

  1. On the Community dashboard, click on the “Preview” button on the desired events from the "Events" panel.

  2. Click on the “Preview Airmeet” button from the top right corner of the page.

It will lead you to the lounge(on Meetup format) and the reception page (on Conference format).

At the top of the page, you will see the event date & time remaining for the event to get started, and also the “Start Airmeet” & "Restart Airmeet" (in case of pause Airmeet)

You can pause, end, and restart the Airmeet event again from the event dashboard.

Once the event is in a paused state, you can again set up and edit your event by clicking on “View Airmeet” from your dashboard, which will redirect you to the event, and the organizer can set up the event.


Meetup Format Preview State Controls:

  • Setup Lounge: The event host will set up tables and add text or images and save changes before the event starts.

  • Go Backstage (session dry run): Mapped Speakers and session host/co-host can go backstage and check for the Audio and video test and have a quick discussion for the set session agenda.

Update : Other team memebers (EM) can also join backstage and update the lounge & draft polls in preview mode as well. 

The host won’t be able to start the session as it's in a preview state.


Conference Format Preview State Controls:

As soon as you click on “Preview Airmeet” on the dashboard, it will lead to the reception page of the event. Following are the controls that the event organizer will have in the conference format.

  • Setup Lounge: The event organizer would set up tables, add text or images, and save changes before the event starts.

  • Go Backstage (session dry run): Mapped Speakers and hosts can go backstage, check for the Audio and video test, and have a quick discussion for the set session agenda.

    Note: The host won’t be able to start the session as it's in a preview state along with session chat, and polls would only be enabled when the event is marked as started.

  • Edit Booths: You can edit booth name, images (logo, banner), descriptions, table information, and such.

  • Event Feed: As a dry run, you can send event chat in the feed tab to give a glimpse to your speakers and exhibitor about how it works.

    Note: The RHS features such as chats, Q&As, polls, etc. is now available before the Event starts (Start Airmeet) will be available on preview mode for dry runs and rehearsals.

  • Announcements: Announcements or Alerts can be sent for the speaker and exhibitor to glimpse how it works and for the event organizer to have a hands-on to use the feature efficiently.

    All the announcements would be cleared off as soon as the event is started. Once the event has started (in the case before date or time) by the event organizers, the announcements/alerts wouldn't be cleared after being from pause state to live state.

  • Edit Welcome message: The event organizer on the reception page can edit the welcome message (applicable in default venue layout) in advance.


  • Customize Settings: You can also customize the following:

    1. Your event  Settings (dark and light mode, color theme, event experience such as turning on and off Live chat and Q&As, hiding people in the event, attendee count and Airmeet feedback rating, and reception label editing (for conference format).

    2. Your Profile Settings (Name and other required information).

    3. Audio & Video Settings

    4. Navigate to Dashboard - Click on it to straight to your event dashboard.

    5. Change Language - Change the language of your preference (all the languages may not be available)

    6. Exit - Click on it to exit the event.

Step 4: Once your setup is done, and you’re good to go, you can click on “Start Airmeet” from the event itself or the event dashboard.,

Note: If you have already set up an event and want to edit the tables and booths. You can choose that certain event from the dashboard, click on “Preview,” and follow the above steps.


Note : Automated reminder emails to participants won't be sent if the event has been started by organizer prior to the actual event date.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Ticketing sales wouldn’t be affected even if the event is in preview state or is live. The behavior of ticketing remains the same.

  • Booth Exhibitors can edit the booth in any state of the event using the unique link sent to them on the respective email address or registering & logging in using the same email address entered by the event organizer.

  • The host won’t be able to start the session as it's in a preview state.

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