Airmeet is designed to give the best audio, video, and content sharing experience regardless of your network conditions. That said, when bandwidth is insufficient, we prioritize audio quality over video quality.

Airmeet is always conservative on bandwidth utilization. The actual bandwidth consumption in each session will vary based on several factors, such as participants with video unmuted session layout. 

Minimum UploadMinimum Download
Attendees5 Mbps10-12 Mbps
Hosts and Speakers5 Mbps
10-12 Mbps

For attendees, Airmeet is best experienced with a 10-12 Mbps connection. We recommend a minimum upload /download bandwidth of 5 Mbps. 

Airmeet is best experienced for hosts and speakers with a minimum upload bandwidth of 5 Mbps and a download bandwidth of 10-12 Mbps.

There is an option to switch to LD video, a Lite mode, or Audio-only mode during the Live session for users with low network bandwidth.

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