Airmeet accepts all kinds of Native & 3rd party cameras & mic inputs.

End-users need to ensure proper permissions between the operating system and browsers are provided to ensure a seamless experience.

Camera & Mic input can be changed in different ways:

a) Entering the event

Change or select your camera & mic input while entering the event after allowing relevant Cam & Mic permission to the browser.

b) Lounge Tables

You can change your input on the Social Lounge Table by clicking on the "Audio/Video settings icon" and selecting your relevant camera & mic input.

c) Backstage/Stage: 

When backstage or on the live stage, you can change your input by clicking on the three dots and selecting "Audio & Video settingsand then selecting the relevant camera & mic input.

You can also test your output, and once done click on "Done" to save the changes.,


In case you are not able to select Cam/Mic input make sure to follow the steps below

Step 1:Close any other video conferencing application, browser tab, or browser extension that might be accessing your camera.

Step 2: Refresh the browser tab.

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