Steps: -

Step 1: End-users need to ensure proper permissions are given between the operating system and Google chrome on the hardware level & Google chrome and Airmeet at the browser level to ensure a seamless experience.

Step 2: Camera & Mic input can be changed in 3 ways:

a) Changing your camera & mic input while entering the event after allowing relevant permission to the browser.

b) Lounge Tables: When in the lounge you can change your input by clicking on the Settings icon (gear icon) and select your relevant camera & mic input.

c) Backstage/Stage: When backstage or on the live stage, you can change your input by clicking on the three dots and select Audio & Video settings and select your relevant camera & mic input.
You can also test your output and once done click on "Done" to save the changes.

Note: When in Lounge or at Backstage/Stage while changing the input another participant won't be able to hear you but you would be able to hear their conversations and as soon as your changes are done then just unmute yourself and talk to them.