Airmeet's Booths are a dedicated space inside an Airmeet exclusively reserved for premium users who could be Sponsors or Exhibitors at an event. 

These Booths can be used to serve multiple use-cases:

  • Sponsors using Booths at a significant event for promotions.
  • Exhibitors using Booths to showcase themselves at a significant event.
  • Booths are used for hosting workshops in a dedicated space.
  • Booth Exhibitors, along with the organizers, will have control over the booth and will be able to edit them.


Event Organizers can only add booth exhibitors from the dashboard

Adding Booth Exhibitor

Step 1: Go to the Event dashboard and select the booths section; click on "+Add booth"

Step 2: Provide the booth name and upload the booth logo along with booth tags for the attendees to filter out your booth according to their interests.

Add the email address of the exhibitor for that particular booth. You can add up to six exhibitors for a single booth.


Step 3: Once the booth is added, Airmeet would send an automated email to exhibitors to access the booth to set up their booth before the event starts.

Note: If an exhibitor is added for more than one booth with the same email address, then he can access the other booth from any of the links received from Airmeet.

The exhibitor can access his booth via the booth access link sent to his email address by signing in from the same email address entered by the organizer and fill the attendee card.

Step 4: After signing in, the Exhibitors can edit and add all the content required for the booth setup like Banner Image, Banner Video, External links, Resources, Booth description and save it accordingly. 

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Points to Remember:

1. Once the event has started, the exhibitor can participate in all other sections of the event.

2. The exhibitor enjoys the virtual table 9th seat privilege (8 participants + 1 exhibitor) for their particular booth.

3. All the email addresses added by booth visitors in the ‘Register Interest’ section are sent to the event organizer in the event report, who will then provide the related reports to each exhibitor.


Q1: If the exhibitor is also a speaker, then what happens?
The Exhibitor can join a session from his exhibitor link sent via email by the organizer and then navigate to his mapped session and click on 'Go Backstage'. As soon as he joins the backstage or session, he would be tagged as a speaker.

Q2: Will the email with the Unique link be sent to the booth exhibitor as soon as the event organizer adds his email to the dashboard?

Yes, the email is sent to the exhibitor simultaneously as soon as the organizer clicks on the 'Add Booth' option.

Q3: Will the booth exhibitor be able to edit the booth tables?
Yes, the booth exhibitors will be able to edit the booth tables.

Q4: Can we add the same email address (add exhibitor) for multiple booths?
Yes, you can add the same email id for a particular exhibitor. Eventually, he will get a separate email for every booth added by the organizer & would be able to edit the booth from any of the booth links sent to his email address.

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