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The announcements are sent to attendees on desktop/laptop, attendees joining from mobile browsers or applications wouldn't be able to receive alerts.

During an event, the event organizer may have to deliver various information or direct people towards different areas of the event. It’s quite daunting to manage all the participants when the event is live or if there are some sudden changes in the schedule. No worries! In Airmeet, an announcement feature can help the organizer to solve this problem.

Create and send announcements

Step 1: Go to your event and click on the 'Alerts Tab' on the top right-hand side of the Airmeet

Step 2: Click on the ‘Create Announcements’ button and enter the message you want all the participants to receive.

Step 3: You can choose the relevant type of call-to-action buttons along with your message in announcements.

Note: You can choose one action at a time.

  • Lounge: This option will redirect all attendees to the lounge section of the event, where attendees can network with other participants on virtual tables.

  • Booths: This option will redirect all attendees to the booths section of the event, where they can find all the booths.

  • Live/Paused Session: This option will redirect all attendees to a particular session that is either live or in the paused state.

  • Individual Booth: This option will redirect all attendees to a specific booth.


  • External Link:  This option will redirect all attendees to any external link.

Note: The link will open in another tab of the browser.

Step 4: After your message and call to action button are ready, you can preview the same by clicking on the 'Show Preview' option.

Step 5:  After you feel everything is good to go, you can click on the 'Send' button, and all your attendees will be able to view the announcement.

Attendees' View

Note: The organizer can't delete or archive an announcement once sent to participants.

Default Session Announcement

As soon as the session starts, all attendees get a default system pop-up to join the session.

Attendees can click on "Join Session" to enter the session directly or dismiss the pop-up and join later from the schedule tab.

FAQs: -

Q1: Who all can send the announcements?
The event organizer, along with community team members, can send the announcements.

Q2: Why I can't see a pop-up while attending a live session?
During the live session, the alerts pop-up are disabled as it can distract the speaker and host during their presentation, but you can still see the alerts sent by the event organizer in the alerts tab.

Q3: How to mute notification sound?
To mute notification sound, simply go to the alerts tab on the right-hand side of the platform and toggle off the notification sounds.

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