Important Note: 
1. You cannot delete all the sessions, and there needs to be one session under the schedule tab.
2. Completed sessions cannot be edited or deleted but can be hidden from the schedule tab.
3. Paused session can't be deleted, whereas you can mark the session as completed and then hide it.

Steps to follow:
Step 1: Go to the event dashboard. ( > sign in > Dashboard)

Step 2:  On your dashboard, click on Events on the left panel of the page. Choose the event for which you want to edit the session and click on it to see the event's details.

Step 3: Click on the Schedule tab on the left-hand panel of the page. 

Choose the session you want to edit or delete. 

Note : You can't delete all the session. One session needs to be there by default.

To Edit a session, click on the Edit button.

To Delete a session, click on the 3 dots and click on the delete button.

Modify session

Step 4: Click on edit > Modify session > Click Save

Hide a session

Step 1: Once the session is marked completed/ended by the session host/co-host.

Step 2: You will see a "hide" button beside the session details for the completed session.

Step 3: Click on the hide button and re-confirm your action.

Once the session is hidden, all the participants (except event organizers) won't view the session under the schedule tab and on the event landing page.

Unhide Session

To show the hidden session, kindly click on the "Show" button, and after confirmation, the session will be shown on the event and event's landing page.

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