Table of contents : 

  • Event Landing Page Banner
  • Branding Logo & Sponsor Image
  • Stage Backdrop
  • Social Lounge Table logo

Note: Suggested to use for images customization.
For the Conference format kindly click here Branding Guide - Conference Format

Setup Process: -

Go to the event dashboard and start setting up your event branding.

a) Event Landing Page Banner

To add a promo image on the event landing page follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Basic Info and upload the image.

  • Recommended dimensions - 1536px *1040px
    Supported formats - JPG, SVG, PNG
    Maximum file size 10 MB.


b) Branding Logo & Sponsor Image

To add a Branding logo and sponsors image for your event follow the below steps.

Go to the Branding section and upload the Branding logo and Sponsors Image

Branding Logo: -

Recommended dimensions - 200px *60px

Supported formats - JPG, SVG, PNG.
Maximum file size 2 MB.

Sponsors Image: -

Recommended dimensions - 500px *96px
Supported formats - JPG, SVG, PNG
Maximum file size 5 MB.

c) Stage Backdrop

The stage backdrop is a static banner image that can be shown on the Airmeet Stage. It is displayed when a session is in progress and is visible to all attendees. An organiser can add as many Stage Backdrops as they want for the event.

Create a backdrop according to the specified design guidelines shown below.

Optimize your backdrop design for the right dimensions:1868px wide and 1328px tall, which includes a visible area for 1868px X 280px where you can put your event details, sponsors logo, branding elements, etc. as per your convenience. 

If your uploaded image is smaller than these dimensions, Airmeet will stretch it to cover the stage -- making it look blurry.
Maximum file size 5 MB.

The below image represents how the stage backdrop will look once applied for a session.

d) Social Lounge Table logo

To add a logo and table name follow the below steps.

  • Go to any table and click on the edit option and upload the table logo & table name.
  • Recommended dimensions: 144px*56px or 720px*280px (depending upon scale)
    Supported formats - SVG, PNG, JPEG.
    Maximum file size 500 KB.



Event Landing Page View


Social Lounge View


NOTE: The branding version comes under the paid version of Airmeet, to know more about the pricing please visit or email us at