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How many speakers can be on the stage at a time for a live session?
Number of speakers on live session
How many speakers/event organisers can be at the backstage?


Airmeet can host up to 10 speakers per session, (However, we recommend a maximum of 6 speakers/session for the best live feed experience) including 1 host & 2 co-hosts on stage.

An attendee can join the stage by raising the hand one by one in case of 10 speakers are already there on stage.

On Backstage

On session backstage apart from the limit mentioned above, the community manager & event manager (team members) can also join backstage for a quick catch up till the time session is not live and would be pushed out as soon as the session begins.

Note: The above condition only applies if the community manager & event manager (team members) are not mapped as a host/co-host for a particular session.
It is recommended to not have more than 10 participants at backstage/stage to have a smooth experience.