Table of content

  • Walkthrough video
  • Registration for an event
  • Enter Airmeet 
  • Interactions in the Social Lounge
    • Join tables
    • Speed Networking
    • View profiles
    • Table chat
    • Request increase table size
  • Interactions During The Session
    • Raise Hand
    • Invite to the stage
    • Ask a question
    • React with Emojis
    • Chat
    • Report a message
    • Polls

Walkthrough video

Step 1: Registration

i) When you come across an Airmeet event that interests you, the first thing you need to do is register for the event. Use the event link provided by the organizers to reach the event landing page. This page will display the event details like title, date, time description, etc.

ii) Click on the “Register for this event” button. You’ll be requested to log in using your email or via LinkedIn/Google/Facebook/Twitter/Apple ID and lastly. Fill in your attendee card with your name and other required information.

iii) If things are good, select “Continue,” and you’re in!

Note: If your Airmeet event is unlisted, the link provided will act as an authentication itself. You will only be required to fill in your Name, Professional Title, Organization, City & Country details to take you straight to the event.

Don’t forget to block your calendar by clicking on “Add this to my calendar.”
And you’re all set. 

Step 2: Enter Airmeet

As soon as registration and filling up of the attendee card are done, you'll enter the Airmeet platform and enter the social lounge.

Step 3: Interactions in the Social Lounge

Now that you’ve entered the Airmeet, you can check if the session is live or yet to start. If the session is live, you will directly see the stage/session upon login. If you land in the social lounge, it means that the session is yet to start. Please make the most out of the social lounge during this time. The area allows you to interact with other participants of the event and hop between tables to meet new people and have conversations.

The Social Lounge is active before a live session, during session breaks, and after the live session ends. You can do experience the following in the Social Lounge:

  • Join tablesTables may have labels and logos on top of it to signal and inform participants about the conversations in specific tables. Typically, an Airmeet virtual table has between two to eight seats each. Once you decide which table you’d like to be seated at, select the “Take a seat” button below the table. If you want to leave the conversation, say bye to the table participants, and click on the “Leave the table” button in the bottom right.

  • Speed Networking: An easy way to interact with participants on a one-on-one basis for a time limit set by the event's host.

  • View profilesClick on the display picture of any participant to view their participant profiles.

  • Table chat: You can interact with the other members seated at the table in a virtual mini-conference. You can also have a private table chat. Anyone that joins the table will be able to view this chat in the bottom control bar.

  • Request increase table sizeYou can request the host to increase the table size—but remember that a table can only have a maximum of eight seats.


Step 4: Interactions During The Session

A countdown will be displayed when there are 10 seconds left for the session to commence. Once the session begins, you will no longer be able to access the Social Lounge.

You can initiate the following actions while the session is on:

  • Raise HandIf you want to interact with the speaker and the host, you can choose to do so by selecting the “Raise hand” button in the stage’s bottom control bar. If the host accepts your request, you’ll share the stage with the speaker and be visible to all participants.

  • Invite to the stageThe host can invite an attendee to the stage as a speaker. In this case, you will receive a request to become a speaker, and you have complete freedom to “Accept” or “Reject” such requests.

  • Ask a question:  You can use the questions section on the RHS to ask questions. We recommend you use this section to ask a question instead of using the general chat. You can also “Upvote” a question already asked to help hosts pick up questions based on popularity.

  • React with EmojisYou can quickly react and offer motivation or applause to the speaker using emojis.

  • ChatThis can be public event chat or direct/private chat. All the participants can view the general chat. To have a private chat with a particular participant, hover over their display image on the “Attendees” section in the RHS or a message they have posted—from the hamburger menu, select “Direct message.” Any participant can choose to “Accept” or “Decline” the request for a private chat.

  • Report a messageIf you come across a message with objectionable content, you can report it to the host.

  • PollsParticipate in “Polls” conducted by the host to share your views.

  • HelpThe “Help” button (Question mark icon) on the bottom right takes you to Airmeet Whatsapp support and FAQs to assist you in any issues during the Airmeet. Before getting in touch, try to get assistance from the hosts and event support agents on the public event chat.


Quick Tips

For a flawless visualizing experiment on Airmeet, do keep the following in mind:

1. Use a Laptop and Goolge Chrome
2. Have a stable and good internet connection. Disable VPN/Firewall if installed.
3. If you have difficulty seein the speaker's feed, refresh the page/restart browser, and ensure that you close any other video conferencing tools you may have used recently.