1. Overview 

Are you looking to collect demo requests or offer a frictionless registration for your events? With customizable forms, take control of your registration experience and do a whole lot more!

Now you can not only remove or reorder registration fields but also add checkboxes, text boxes, dropdowns, and more to your forms, giving you the power to curate attendee cards and personalize reach-outs throughout the journey.

2. Editing Custom registration form

You can customize the registration forms and attendee cards to get the desired information from your attendees at the event registration.

2.1. Customize the form fields

Login to your Airmeet account and choose the event for which you would want to edit the forms. 

Step 1: Go to the Event Dashboard > "Registrations" tab > "Registration Form" tab  

Step 2: Click on the "Preview form" option and press Edit or directly click on the "Change icon” button.

Step 3: Here, you will get two options:

1. Add New Field

2. Add Custom Field

You can add a maximum of 50 fields for the registration form & select maximum of 5 fields for the attendee card to be displayed.

Add New Field

This option contains the pre-created fields such as 
Organization, Designation, City, Country, and Phone number. You can choose to have these fields mandatory or optional. The Name field cannot be removed or edited.

 Add Custom Field

The custom field contains 5 components that you can choose to add to your form. You can choose to have these fields mandatory or optional according to your preferences.

NoteFirst & Last Names are mandatory fields.

Email is captured by default. (Not applicable in case of event entry set to 'Anyone can enter without sign in')

Short Text: You can add a short text of up to 70 characters. It could be brief information about the participant.
Note: This is the only component that can be added to the attendee card.

Long Text: The long text can have up to 300 characters. It could contain the participants’ detailed descriptions and information, a few examples - About me, past work experience.

Single Select Answer: This component is used to enter a label for the field and add a title for the options. The user can select only one of the options. Some examples - Gender, the Highest Level of education.

You can add a minimum of 2 options and a maximum of 100 options

Multi-Select Answer: This component is used to enter a label for the field and add a title for the options. The user can select multiple options. Some examples - Areas of interest, job location preferences.

You can add a minimum of 2 options and a maximum of 100 options

Note: On Single select & Multi-select fields, If more than 3 options are added, it will display options in the dropdown menu.

Consent: Add a text for the consent label and add a link to your website, privacy policy, terms of service, or any other web page.

To add a link to your website, privacy policy, or any other web page, select the text, add the link, and press enter as shown above.

You can add as many consent fields and add multiple links in a single field.

3. Attendee card Customization

The event organizers can customize the attendee card. The custom registration form can add the default fields like designation, organization name, city, country, and phone number from the “Add new field” option. On the “Add Custom field” option, the “short text” field can be added & selected for the attendee card. 

Information entered in registration forms would be automatically added to the selected attendee card fields. Airmeet recommends making registration fields mandatory that need to display on the attendee card.

An organizer can add a maximum of 5 fields to the attendee card, including the name. The name field is mandatory and cannot be deleted or re-arranged.

3.1. Add Condition to your Fields

Make a field appear based on conditions set on other single select/multi-select / consent fields.

Add a single/Multi-select question field and map it to a particular question.

Step 1: Add a Single/Multi-select or Consent type field using "+Add Custom Field"

Step 2: Go to another field that you want to showcase when a person selects any of the options.

Step 3: Hover towards the field and click on the "+" icon.

Step 4: Select the field which needs to be shown when the participant selects a particular option and choose the Single/Multi-select or Consent type field and the options which if an attendee clicks on should show up the desired question.

Whenever a participant will select the conditional option the desired question will be shown to them.

4. Rearranging and deleting custom fields

The event organizer also can rearrange the different fields by dragging and dropping them to a particular position or deleting them if not needed.

Rearranging applies to both custom form fields and attendee card options. 

5. Custom forms & Attendee cards for Ticketing events

Custom Forms are also applicable for ticketing-enabled events. Attendees would see the custom form while purchasing the tickets.

6. Registration details of participants

An event organizer can view all registered and invited attendees for their event under the “participants” section and download the list.

Steps: Event Entry Tab -> Participant section -> Download List. 
The organizer can export all registration data.


The downloaded list will include data of all custom fields filled up by the attendee while registering.

Note: If a field is added, edited, or removed while event registration is ongoing or the event is live, the deleted fields would not be shown and would not be available on the downloaded participant’s list.

TIP: It is advised not to change the attendee card fields when the event is live.


7. Points to keep in mind

7.1. Custom Registration Form

  • The event organizers can edit the registration form at any time. You can delete the existing fields or re-arrange and even mark the fields as mandatory.

  • Registered participants do not have to re-fill the registration form while entering the event.

    Important Note : Custom registration form is not applicable to speakers, event organizers & Guest users.

7.2. Attendee Cards Customizations

  • Only Attendee and Exhibitors’ cards can be customized, and both of them will have the same fields on their name cards. 

  • Guest users and Speaker display cards can NOT be customized. The organizer from the dashboard updates the Speaker card.

  • Only short-text fields can be added (up to 70 chars) for the attendee card.

    Important Note : Custom registration form is not applicable to speakers, event organizers & Guest users.

7.3. Changes to Attendee Card Fields

  • The profile section will reflect the latest field changes if the event organizer modifies the attendee card fields.

  • If the event organizer removes fields from the attendee cards during an ongoing event, participants inside the event need to update the fields from the profile section.

  • If an event organizer adds new fields to attendee cards after participant registration, the attendee needs to fill up the new fields from the profile section.

    The event organizer will inform attendees who are already inside the event to update their profile from the profile section.

TIP: It is advised not to change the attendee card fields when the event is live.

7.4. Emails Capturing

  • Emails are auto-captured in all the “Event entry” scenarios except for “Anyone can enter without sign in” by default. 
  • Only a customer on the paid plan can create a custom short-text field to capture emails in the “Anyone can enter without sign in” scenario. Free accounts will not have this privilege.

7.5. Invite through email (magic link)

The organizer can upload a list of attendees and send them the email invite with a unique link.
Upload a list of attendees for an Airmeet event and send invites via email

If custom/new fields are added or removed the attendee has to fill up the mandatory fields or can skip the non-mandatory fields and enter the event.

8. FAQs

1. In which Airmeet format custom registration forms are applicable?
Custom registration forms are applicable in both Social Webinar Format and Conference Format on paid accounts (Standard, Pro & Appsumo plans)

2. Can we add “Add New Field” and “Add Custom field” to our forms?
Yes, you can add both to your registration form and your attendee cards.

3. How many fields can be added in custom form?

Min 1 and Max 50 fields can be added to the Registration form.
Min 1 and Max 5 fields can be added to the Attendee form.

4. How many fields can be selected for an attendee card?

A maximum of 5 fields can be selected and added to the attendee card. You can add the “short text” field from “Add custom field” and can use all fields of “Add new fields.”

5. What happens if I add more than 3 options in single or multi-select fields?
The options will be shown on the drop-down menu if there are more than 3 options.

6. Would a Custom form be applicable in the case of Airmeet API?

Currently, Airmeet API doesn’t support custom fields integration and would only accept name & email id as default fields.

7. Can I use the same field (for ex. “Long Text”) twice or more?

Yes, you can use the same field more than once while creating the form as long as it is within the maximum limit (50).

8. What happens if the registration form or attendee card fields are updated during the ongoing event?

For new registrants, they will have to fill in the freshly added form fields.

For already registered participants, nothing will change unless they change the contents by clicking on the profile modal in the attendee card. Already registered participants won’t be asked to fill up the registration form again if new fields are added.

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