To make the event engaging, we have come up with a feature that allows the session host & co-host to show the questions asked by the event attendees on the live stage. 

Walkthrough Video


Step 1: Find the Q&A icon on the right-hand side of the live session.

Step 2: Select the question that you would like to show to your participants and click on "Show on Stage" to highlight it on the live stage for all to see.

The selected question will be displayed on the screen as shown below. 

It will be visible to all the attendees attending the session. The event host or co-host can read out the question, and anyone on the stage can answer it.

Step 3: You can invite the person who asked the question on the stage to get more clarity on the question by clicking on the "Invite user on stage" button. 

Step 4: You can click on "Marked as Answered" or "Hide from Stage" to remove the highlighted question from the screen.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Only the session Host & Co-host have the capability to show questions on stage
  • Host/Co-host can invite the same person on stage (if he is present during the session)
  • Background color can't be customized as of now.

Need more help? Contact support@airmeet.com or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.