1. Overview

You can make your event even more interactive by showing the event chats on the stage for various reasons, such as answering the questions, highlighting the idea, and sharing data.

2. Show session chat on a live stage

Step 1: Select the chat you want to show on the stage.

Step 2: Hover over a particular chat on the right-hand side and click on the "Show on stage" option.

The select chat message would be shown on stage and as a host/co-host, you can also invite the participants on stage by clicking on the "Invite to stage" button.

Step 3: To remove the chat from the stage, click on the "X" icon or the "Hide from stage" (slash eye) option on the selected chat.

3. Things to keep in mind:

  • Only the session host/co-host has the capability to show chat on stage.
  • As a host/co-host, you can only show one chat at a time.
  • The following feature is not applicable for the "Stream into Airmeet" (RTMP-based) session.

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