How to duplicate an Airmeet event?

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1. Overview

2. Steps for Duplicating the Events

3. Configurations that will be duplicated

4. Configurations that will not be duplicated

5. Things to Keep in Mind

1. Overview

It is now effortless to create events with a similar set of properties. Replicate any of your existing events to create new ones to avoid starting from scratch. Save time and effort involved in setting up new events.

On the Community dashboard,> Click on 3 dots of the event. Click on duplicate event > Fill in the details > Event duplication completed.

2. Steps for Duplicating the Events

Step 1: Go to your event dashboard and select the event that you want to duplicate. 

Step 2: Click on the three-dot menu and select “Duplicate Event.”

Step 3: Rename your event and select the start date and start time. The event’s end date and end time will be auto-calculated based on the start date and time.

Step 4: Once done, click on the “Duplicate” button at the bottom, and you’re ready to roll. 

Note: Event duplication might take some time to process depending on the event size.

3. Configurations that will be duplicated

  1. Sessions - All the sessions created will be duplicated.

  2. Speakers - All added speakers will be duplicated, but their invitation links will differ from the original event. Hence you might need to send the invitation link again.

  3. Venue Settings - The event logo and reception banners will be duplicated.

  4. Videos - You will also find your uploaded pre-recorded videos in the duplicated event.

  5. Sponsors - All added sponsors will be duplicated.

  6. Event Entry - The duplicate event will have the same event entry chosen for the original event.

  7. Custom Registration Form - It will be duplicated, though you can change any custom fields according to your preferences.

  8. Stage Backdrop - All the uploaded stage backdrops will be there in the clone event as well.

  9. Branding: Welcome Video, Live event configurations, Landing Page Customizations
  10. Emails: Custom emails, system emails
  11. Social Lounge configuration (firebase likely): Number of tables, Table properties: number of seats, expanding/fixed, Table logos
  12. Booths: Booth setup like layout, offers, tables, logos | Exhibitors | Booth table logos and configuration
  13. Resources - event level resources and session level resources

 You can re-customize the above fields as per your need or add updated branding according to your preferences.

4. Configurations that will not be duplicated

Some fields are not copied in the duplicated event as they might vary from event to event.

  1. Registrants/Attendee Details: Attendees might differ for each event, and only fresh registration information will be captured.
  2. Ticketing: As an event organizer, you will have the flexibility to set up ticketing tiers as you need.
    Note: Event organizers don't have to connect their Stripe account again for a duplicate event if ticketing is not needed.
  3. Live Streaming Settings: Flexibility to stream to any available channels, but the event organizer must map the session to particular social accounts again.

  4. Segments: All segments created in the original event will not be configured.

  5. Leaderboard Configurations: Configurations set for the original event will not be configured to duplicated event.

    Event-side configurations

  6. Customization: Any customization (Light theme, hide controls & CTA accent colors) needs to be configured again

  7. Integrations: Integrations enabled for a particular event need to be re-enabled again.

Important Note:

The event link, speaker link, and exhibitor links need to be sent again for a duplicate event.

5. Things to Keep in Mind

  • A Webinar Event Format event would be duplicated into another Webinar Event Format and vice-versa for a Virtual Event format event. You can't transfer the configuration for the Webinar Event Format event to a Virtual Event event.

  • The time taken for the event duplication will vary depending on the size of the event contents.

  • If a team member is being removed from the community, you need to add another member for the particular session he was mapped for.

  • You can also duplicate a completed (ended) event that would be created in the "upcoming state."

  • A white-labeled event will not have white-labeled settings; the white-labeling needs to be done again for duplicated event.

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