1. Walkthrough Video

2. How to ask questions from speakers & hosts during the live sessions?

During the live session, participants can ask multiple questions. Below are the steps how to ask a question in a live session.  

Step 1: Once the session is started, go to the right-hand side panel of the session.

Step 2: Select the Q&A tab and post your question there.


Upvotes: Other participants can upvote your question in case they have a similar type of question.

Remove Question: You can also remove your question if something goes wrong and post the question again.


Note: An organizer can also turn on the question moderation and allow questions based on approval only.

3. How to comment on questions and create a thread?

Once any participants have posted the question, other participants/speakers/hosts can comment on the question and create a discussion thread for that particular question.

Step 1: Go to the Q&A tab and hover towards the desired question.

Step 2: Click on the 'Comment' button.

Step 3: A new thread window would appear, and you can put in your comment.


You can mark the comment as answered or remove the comment by clicking on the 3 dots as a commenter.

Note: If the question moderation is turned ON by the event organizer, commenting on the thread gets disabled.

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