This is an add-on feature. Please write to to purchase and activate this feature on your account.

1. Overview

The Event organizers & host/co-hosts of the Airmeet event and live sessions can moderate and automatically block profane words and all hyperlinks posted by participants.

2. How does Chat moderation work?

Step 1: Go to your event and click on the "Feed" tab or go to your live session and click on the "Chats" tab on the right-hand side.


Step 2: "Toggle the button" towards the right beside the Moderate Feed to enable chat moderation.

Step 3: Enabling this will automatically block profane words (added by Airmeet) and all hyperlinks posted by participants.

Note: The participants sending profane words or hyperlinks when the moderate feed is enabled will still be able to view those messages, but other participants won't see it.

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