1. Overview

A unique QR code is generated for each Hybrid attendee in Airmeet Conference Format. The QR code is accessible to attendees via email invite. Booth exhibhitors can caputure leads of the attendees attending the event on-site by scanning the Hybrid (on-site).

2. How to Scan & check in attendee tickets at the venue?

Step 1: Open the Airmeet mobile application and copy the exhibitor link, or if you already have the application installed on your device, click on the event.

Step 2: Click on the "Manage Booth (s)."

Step 3: "Select the booth" where you want to check in your attendees. You will be ONLY able to see the booth for which you are an exhibitor.

Note: If organizer wants to capture leads for a booth, they need to add themself as a booth exhibitor for a particular booth.

Step 4: Click on the "Scan ticket" button placed at the bottom of the application,

Scan the attendee QR sent on email to them.

Step 5: After validating the QR code, Click on "Yes, check-in" if you want to go ahead and click on No. A successful message will be shown, marking the hybrid participants as registered.

Step 6: You can see all the leads captured for a particular booth.All the deatiled report of exhibhitor would be sent to event organizer via analytics report and same can be shared to booth exhibhitor.

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