What is "Attendee-based pricing"? How does that work?

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Attendee-based pricing

The new pricing plans are based on the total number of attendees allowed in an event. No. Of Live attendees in any event during the course of the event instead of the total number who registered. The new plans are unlimited, meaning that for any event during the entire plan duration, the organizer will have the same default attendee limit to start with. The organizer doesn’t have to worry about quota, they can do any event without worrying about attendee quota.


1. How many events can I run with my purchased plan?

A. As an organizer, you can host an unlimited number of events with any purchased plan. We charge you only based on the number of attendees who will be able to attend your events and not on the number of events.

2. What will happen if I exceed my plan’s attendee limit when my event is in progress?

A. If you exceed your attendee limit after your event starts, we will allow additional attendees to enter the event. The charges for additional attendees will be billed to you after the event. You can also purchase extra attendee bundles before your event as a buffer. You can purchase attendee bundles in bulk and individual units as per your requirements.

3. How will I be billed for extra attendees beyond the attendee limit?

A. You can pay for extra attendees by enabling pay-as-you-go on your card. Once the event is completed, the card will automatically be debited for the extra attendees who join.

4. Do the add-ons work at an event level or plan level?

A. AirCare bundles can be purchased and used across your events. Each AirCare bundle has a specific number of events you can use. Product add-ons are applicable at the event level. Standalone add-ons are applicable at the plan level.

5. For the pre-event, if someone has enabled access, will these attendees be counted as event attendees? 

A. No, only attendees will be counted as attendees in an ongoing live event. Not in pre-event or post-event. 

6. Will speakers and exhibitors be charged based on their registration for the events? 

A. No, speakers and exhibitors will not be charged for the paid plans. There is no limit on any paid plan for the number of exhibitors and speakers who can join.

7. In the analytics dashboard, does the word ‘attendee’ mean it counts for pre and post-event attendees? 

A. No, in the dashboard, anywhere, ‘attendee’ is mentioned, it points to only the ongoing live event attendees who have joined in the ongoing state of the event. 

8. What happens when more people than the attendee limit try to join the event?


A. As of now, we are not enforcing any limits. We will not stop more attendees from joining the event, but the customer will be charged for the extra attendees. When the organizer opens their events for registrations and the registration reaches the attendee limit, they will get an email communication from our system on the registration limit reached. In case more attendees join the event, the organizer will be charged for the same post-event. 

The organizers will be prompted again during the event if attendees more than the said limit join. 

9. How will the organizer pay for extra attendees beyond the attendee limit?


A. The organizer can enable pay-as-you-go on their card. When the event is completed, the card will automatically be debited for the extra attendees who join. 

10. Is there a way for the organizer to stop attendees from attending an event during an ongoing event in case they don’t want to pay for the extra attendees later?


A. There is currently no way for organizers to get informed pre-event and during the event, and opting for more attendees is the only way out. Later on, if there is a need to enforce an attendee limit, Airmeet will implement it for paid plans.

11. What happens to attendees in free accounts? Is there a limit? 

A. Yes, there is a limit on attendees for free accounts. More than 50 people will not be able to attend any event. 

12. Will there be any change in the magic links sent out? 

A. No, Magic links will be sent as they used to be, but now participants don't have to click on the link to confirm their registration. With attendee-based pricing, the registration will be confirmed as soon as the registration form is submitted. 

13. Is there any minimum session time to be considered as an attendee for the event? 

A. No, as of now, there is no minimum time. After the ‘enter event’ trigger is set, the registration is considered an attendee. 

14. When we upload .csv, we need to select either option 

1. Register attendee, or 

2. Invite attendee

In this case, does the system consider confirmed registrations as attendees?

A. When the registrations are confirmed, the change in the process is simply that when we select "Invite Attendee", those people have to click on the link and come to the landing page to fill out the registration form and submit it. Once submitted, this becomes a confirmed registration for that person. So even with the.csv flow, the new registration confirmation logic will work. 

However, you can select "Register attendee" if the attendee's registration is confirmed and send them the confirmation email. 

15. What happens if people want more than 500 attendees if they are, say, on the professional plan? What can they do? 

A. You can't change how many people you get with each plan per event. They have to either upgrade to the next plan or buy more attendees.

16. What is the meaning of 2 accounts in the enterprise plan? What does it include? 

A. 2 accounts are 2 licenses; everything included in the enterprise plan gets multiplied by 2. 1500 attendees/event will remain the same, but since there are two licenses, you will get 20 organizers. 

17. Are any of the add-ons going to be self-serve? 

A. No, as of now, none of the bundled or stand-alone addons are self-served.

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