Step 1: Go to the dashboard and choose the event for which you want to add a speaker. ( > Sign up > Dashboard > Airmeets > Choose Event > View Details)

2. On the left panel choose Speakers & Hosts and click on the "+Add a Speaker" button & add a speaker and fill in the required details.  

3. If you have already created the session then map the speakers while filling in his/her details.

Components for speaker card

  • Speaker's Name: Enter the speaker's name, which you want to display on the speaker card.
  • Upload Speaker Image

    Recommended Image Dimension: 400px * 400px (should be in square shape)
    Image Max Size: 5 MB
    Image Format: JPEG, PNG, SVG 
  • Speaker's Email ID:   Enter the speaker's email id to get him to register for Airmeet in advance, and also if the speaker lost his unique link, he could enter the event using the event link which the same email id entered here.,

    Note: You cannot change the speaker's email address once it has been added. The email address can only be added/edited by re-adding the speaker. 
  • Speaker's Organization: Enter the speaker's organization which you want to display on the speaker card.
  • Speaker's Designation: Enter the speaker's designation, which you want to display on the speaker card.
  • City/Country: Enter the speaker's City & Country, displayed on the speaker card.
  • Map to a Session: Select the sessions the speaker would map with and get backstage & stage access. For the rest of the non-mapped session, he will join as an attendee.,

    Note: You can also map any speaker you add while creating a session in the next step.
  • Speaker’s Bio: session

Generating & Copy Speaker link

Speaker’s link is a distinct link that is unique to each speaker. Once the speaker has been mapped to the session, the event organizer can copy the speaker link from the Speakers & Host section on the left side of the dashboard page