1. Prerequisites

2. Connect your YouTube account to your Airmeet community (Community Level)

    2.1. Delete your Facebook account at Community Level

3. Set up a YouTube Live stream for your sessions(Event dashboard)

    3.1. Edit & Delete at the event dashboard

4. Points to keep in mind :

5. FAQs

More audience, more prospects for the business! Who doesn’t want more audiences for their webinars or other virtual events? With Airmeet’s live streaming functionality, you can stream your Airmeet event to your YouTube channel.

1. Prerequisites:

  1. Airmeet Community & Event 

  2. Youtube Channel with live streaming enabled.
    Enable live streaming on your Youtube channel: 
    Get Started With Youtube Live Streaming.

Walkthrough Video

2. Connect your YouTube account to your Airmeet community (Community Level)

Pre-setting the details at the community level is an optional method to save your settings for all the Airmeets in one go that are to be created in your Airmeet community future. 

You can select the pre-saved details from the event dashboard while mapping for your session or add new details according to your convenience.

Step 1: After logging into your Airmeet account, click on the “Integrations” tab on the left side of your dashboard page.

Step 2: Click on the “Live Stream destination” button, and choose “YouTube Channel” to stream.

Step 3: Select your google account to which your Youtube Channel is connected and grant permission to Airmeet to access your YouTube channel for streaming your event.

Note: If your Youtube account does not automatically appear, log in to the Youtube account in the same web browser, then go back to the dashboard and select the Youtube option again.

Step 4: Once all the permission has been granted, your Youtube Channel (streaming destination) will be saved. You can find new destinations and delete the added ones as per your preferences.

2.1. Delete your Facebook account at Community Level

If you want to delete the connected/added stream, 

Steps: Community Dashboard > Integration tab > Live stream destinations > Click on the Bin icon beside your Facebook page.

3. Set up a YouTube Live stream for your sessions(Event dashboard)

Step 1: Select the Airmeet event where you want to stream your sessions.

Step 2: Go to the "Settings" tab and click on “Live Stream” on the left side and then click on the "Add Stream Destination" button and select your “Facebook page/profile” option.

Step 3: Log in to your YouTube account and grant relevant permissions to Airmeet. Select the appropriate YouTube channel to which you want to stream your session. If in case the account has been already connected & pre-saved in the “community dashboard,” select the account to be streamed.

Note: If your YouTube account does not automatically appear, log in to the YouTube account in the same web browser, then go back to the dashboard and select the YouTube option again.

Step 4: Click on the “Allow” button to proceed further.

Step 5: Select a particular session that you want to stream or click on “All session” to select all the sessions in one go. Click on the “Next” button.

Note: You can only select sessions that have not been started or are paused. Live or completed sessions cannot be selected.

Step 6: Enter the stream title, description, and privacy setting (Public, Unlisted, or Private). These privacy settings will determine who your viewers will be - yourself or everyone.

Disclaimer : Description and Privacy setting are common for all session.You cannot have unique session description on Youtube Live.

Note: Kindly refer to the FAQ section at the bottom to know how to see/get a shareable link of the live session if streaming is marked Private/Unlisted on Youtube.

Step 7: Click on “Add Destination,” and you are good to go. 

Step 8: Your YouTube Live stream will start as soon as you start the session. It will end once you stop the session.

Note : It is recommended to not take a break when the session is live, as taking a break for more than 5 mins will create another stream in your channel.

3.1. Edit & Delete at the event dashboard

If you want to edit or delete the added stream, then click on the three-dot menu and update the information for any corrections before you go live. No edits can be made once the event is streaming.

4. Points to keep in mind :

  • Stream resolution for any session streamed on Youtube is 720p.
  • Once streaming has begun, it has nothing to do with host/co-host bandwidth as the host/co-host only triggered the start session, which starts the streaming as well.
  • For every mapped session, a new post is created and streamed.
  • Recommended not to take any break for a session that is getting streamed as if the break gets extended for more than 2 mins, a new post would be published on your YouTube page/profile.
  • If the session got ended by the event host, the YouTube live stream would stop immediately.


It is advisable not to use any copyrighted content while streaming as it may block your live streaming by the YouTube platform.

Read more about Youtube - Spam, deceptive practices, & scams policies

5. FAQs

  1. Will I be able to stream parallel sessions to my YouTube channel? 

Yes, you can stream parallel sessions to your YouTube channel. They will show up as separate videos on your channel.

  1. Can I change/delete my streaming destination?

Yes, you can change/delete the streaming destination before the session starts or when the session is paused.

  1. Can I make any changes to my YouTube stream when the session is live?

No, you have to pause the session to make any changes.

  1. How to know if your session is streaming on YouTube?

You will seeon the bottom right of the stage.   

Note: This icon is only visible to the session host/co-host.

5. How to pre-schedule an Airmeet event on YouTube using RTMP Stream key & URL?

The event organizer can pre-schedule or get a shareable link by scheduling the stream in advance and entering the RTMP stream key & URL in the "Custom RTMP" section of live streaming.

Kindly refer to the below article :

How to pre-schedule an Airmeet event on Youtube using the RTMP Stream key & URL?

6. How to see/get a shareable link of a live session if streaming is marked Private/Unlisted on YouTube?

In case the stream is of UNLISTED/PRIVATE stream type on YouTube, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube channel.

Step 2:  Go to YouTube studio (
Step 3: Select "Content" from the right-hand side of the YouTube studio dashboard.
Step 4: Click on the "Live" section and select the video that is going live at the moment. 

Step 5: Click on the Shareable link and send it to your participants.

Note: The stream will only be shown under the "Live" tab when the session has started, and streaming has begun.

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