How to pre-schedule an Airmeet event on Youtube using RTMP Stream key & URL?

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This Article will apply if you want to stream an unlisted/private stream and need to share the link in advance with your viewers.

For Going Live directly, kindly refer to the "How to stream Airmeet events on YouTube?" article.


1. Prerequisites

2. Set up a YouTube stream for your sessions (Event Dashboard)

3. Setup Youtube Stream Key & URL

4. Youtube Streaming settings

5. Enter the Stream key & URL on Airmeet

    5.1. Go Live

6. Points to keep in mind

1. Prerequisites

  1. Airmeet Community & Event 

  2. YouTube channel with live streaming enabled.
    Enable live streaming on your Youtube channel: 
    Get Started With Youtube Live Streaming.

2. Set up a YouTube stream for your sessions (Event Dashboard)

Custom RTMP streaming can be done from the event level in Airmeet in the case of YouTube. Kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the Airmeet event where you want to stream your sessions.

Step 2: Go to the "Sessions" tab and click on "Session Settings" > Live Stream” on the left side and then click on "Add Stream Destination" > + Add New. 

3. Setup Youtube Stream Key & URL

Step 2: Sidewise Open on the other tab.

Step 3: Click on the video camera icon from the top right side of the page and choose Go Live.

Step 4: After clicking on the "Go livebutton, you will land upon the "Manage tab" section of the youtube broadcast. Click on "Schedule stream" on the top right side of the manage page, and select the "Create New" option.

Once clicked on "Create New," a form pops up; please fill in the required details.

The details on the below form are what your viewers will see once you go live.

a) Create a title: Stream the title

b) Add a description: Add a brief about your stream, which viewers can have a look at to set the context.
c) Audience: Select if the streaming content is made for children or not

Read more: What's content made for kids?

Click "Next"

d) Customization: Select the setting that should be shown to the audience, like live chat, participants modes & message delay 

e) Visibility: Select Public, Unlisted or Private according to your preferences.
f) Date & Time: Choose the streaming date & time according to your agenda.
g) Upload thumbnail: Upload a thumbnail, if any, which would be the first dream of your video before going live.

4. YouTube streaming settings

Step 5: Click on "Done", you will eventually end up on YouTube Studio and begin with technical stream setup settings.

Please follow the following Stream setup settings:

a) Enable Auto-Start: Toggle it on so that the streams start automatically once the Airmeet session is live.

b) Enable Auto-Stop: Toggle it off so that the streams don't stop in case of any technical glitch or during a short break of fewer than 2 minutes.

c) Copy Streaming Key: Create a new streaming key by clicking on the Select Stream Key Option. Click on Create new stream key > Copy the created key and paste it on Airmeet.

d) Copy Streaming URL: Copy the given streaming URL and paste it on Airmeet.

e) Ultra-low latency: Choose ultra-low latency to prevent any lag on the live stream.


f) Live Stream Page URL: Go to the  "Manage" tab on the left. Select your RTMP YouTube session and click on the "three-dot" icon to select the Live Stream URL.

Step 6: Go back to your Airmeet event dashboard, click on “Live Stream” on the left side, and click “Add stream destination.”

5. Enter the Stream key & URL on Airmeet

Process: Go to the "Sessions" tab > Session Settings and click on “Live Stream” on the left side and then click on "Add Stream Destination" > + Add New 

Step 7: Click on “+Add New” and select “Custom RTMP.”

Step 8: Paste the mandatory RTMP details like Stream URL, Stream key, Live Stream Page URL, and Destination Nickname copied from YouTube and press "Next."

Step 9: Select the session in which you want to go live. Once all the setup is done, click on “Add custom RTMP,” and you're good to go.

5.1. Go Live

Step 10: Once the session goes live, your stream will start automatically. Go back to the YouTube studio dashboard & verify your streaming on the preview screen.

After all the streaming is done, please go back to YouTube and click End Stream from the top right corner (manually) to stop streaming on YouTube.

NOTE: The maximum limit for YouTube live streaming is 12 hours/Session & It is recommended not to take a break for more than 2 minutes while the session is live.

6. Points to keep in mind:

  • In Airmeet, while selecting the sessions to live stream on YouTube, you will not be allowed to choose the same sessions for the same.
  • Stream resolution for any session streamed on YouTube is a maximum of 720p.
  • You need to schedule a different stream for every parallel session and then go live simultaneously.
  • Recommended not to take any break for a session that is getting streamed as it will freeze at the last frame of the session.
  • If the break gets extended for more than 5 minutes, the stream will stop, and a new Stream key and Stream URL need to be created and updated on the dashboard.
  • If the host ended the session, the YouTube stream will stop and need to regenerate the Stream key & Stream URL in that case.

Recommended not to take a break while the session is streamed to any platform.

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