Start/Pause/Restart/End Airmeet

  • Start Airmeet: It is a way of opening the event/conference hall for the attendees to meet each other and network (in the social lounge) before the real live event starts. It means the event has started but is not live yet.

Read about how to Setup your Airmeet in preview mode without starting the event

  • Pause Airmeet: The event organizer can pause the Airmeet to temporarily restrict entry for attendees from the dashboard. It is like you setting up your virtual tables and other setups in the event hall before the event starts and closing it till the actual day. If paused, nobody will be able to enter the event unless again started by the host/organizer.

  • Restart Airmeet: The event organizer can restart the Airmeet from a pause state so that attendees can join back in the event. Restart Airmeet can be done from the dashboard and as well as from inside the event by the event organizer.

  • End Airmeet: When all the live sessions have ended and you come to the end of the event, you can end Airmeet. This permanently restricts entry for attendees from the dashboard.


Start/Pause/Resume/End Session

Note: The session can be started ONLY once the Airmeet/Event is started from the event dashboard.

  • Start Session: You can start the session once you are ready to go live, it will give you 10 seconds of timing. Once you are live on the stage, the attendee can hear you and see your presentations on the screen.

  • Pause Session: When you are live on the stage and want to pause the session in between, click on the “Take a Break” button to do so which can be found on the top right corner of the stage.

  • Resume Session: After your break is over you can re-start the session by clicking on the "Resume session", once clicked the countdown for 10 sec will again run and your attendees would be able to join the session.

  • End Session: You can end your live session once you are ready to do so. You will find the "End Session" button on the top right corner of the stage well.

  • You can Start/Pause Sessions from the backstage and live stage by clicking on the "Go Backstage" button.

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