Advance polls are only available in the conference format on the event level and on a session-level.
Meetup format is limited to YES/NO option to a session that can only be created and publish by the session host


  • Polls can be Event wise & Session-wise.

  • You can create single or multiple-choice polls.

  • You can hide the poll results from the participants if you wish.

  • Polls can be drafted before the event but cannot be created/published.


Event-wise Polls

  • Event-wise polls can be created ONLY by the event organizers.

  • Enter the Airmeet event and log in with your credentials. 

  • Go to the RHS (Right Hand Side) of the platform and click on the Poll option under the Event Tab.



Session Polls

  • Session polls can be created by the event organizers, session host/co-host, and session speakers.

  • Enter the session where you want to create the poll.

  • Click on the poll option under the Event tab.

  • YES/NO polls 
    These are known as quick polls which the host of a session can send and have 2 prefixed options i.e only Yes/No.
    These are available on the live stage (not backstage) and host/co-host and session speakers will be able to create and start it.

Advance Poll Creation

  • Click on the "Create poll" option

  • Specify the question and options (maximum of 6)

  • Select the appropriate options

  • Click on "Save Draft" to save it. (A draft poll is not visible to the audience). You can use drafts to create a poll in advance and publish them at an appropriate time.

Publishing a Poll

  • Click on the ‘Publish’ option to launch the poll. (A published poll is visible to the participants and opens for voting)

  • Once participants have voted and you wish to close the poll, click on the ‘Close’ option to mark it as finished. (Participants cannot vote on a closed poll but they can see it)

  • In case you delete a poll, the poll will no longer be visible to anyone. 


Poll Results Report

  • Poll results will be available to the organizer along with the event analytics report.

  • It contains details of the poll questions, count, and the percent of votes chosen for each option. 

  • Attendee names, email addresses (not applicable for guest users) and options chosen will also be available in the report.



1. What is the character limit for poll questions and options?

The character limit for poll questions is 100 characters and options are 120 characters.

2. How many options can we have while creating a poll?

A poll has 6 options that can be added while creating. 

Points to keep in mind

  • The event organiser & Community manager can't answer the poll but can create one.
  • Speakers drafted polls won't be visible to host/organisers.
  • In case if any delete a poll, the poll will no longer be visible to anyone and can't be retrieved as well.