How to "Pin or Unpin chat messages" in an Airmeet Event?

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1. Overview
2. How to Pin Chat Message
3. Unpin Chat Message
4. Points to keep in mind

1. Overview

Pin messages to highlight important messages to be highlighted to all participants or to showcase any important information sent by other participants.

2. How to Pin Chat Message

There are 2 kinds of messages that can be pinned for

  • Event Chat Level
  • Session Chat Level

Step 1: Choose the Message that you want to pin.  
Step 2:
 Click on the three-dot button. It will show you an option to pin the message. Click on it to pin the message.


Step 3: Once you pin the message, it will show the pinned message at the top of the chat.


3. Unpin Chat Message

Hover over the pinned message you want to unpin and just click on the unpin icon.


4. Points to keep in mind

The pinning messages feature is available in the Virtual Events Format and Conference Format.

Event level Chat:

  • One message at a time can be pinned on the chat feed.
  • The host & Event Manager would be able to pin a message on the chat feed.

Session level Chat:

  • Since the session chat feed gets enabled after the session starts, pinning the message can only be done after that.
  • Session Host can only be able to pin messages on the chat feed.

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