There are 2 kinds of messages that can be pinned for

  • Event Chat Level
  • Session Chat Level

To Pin Chat Message:-

Step 1: Choose the Message that you want to pin.  
Step 2:
 Click on the three-dot button. It will show you an option to pin the message, click on it to pin the message.


Step 3: Once you pin the message, it will show the pinned message at the top of the chat.


To Unpin Chat Message:-

Hover over the pinned message that you want to unpin and just click on the unpin icon.


Points to keep in mind: -

The pinning messages feature is available both on the Meetup Format and Conference Format.

Public Chat: -

  • One message at a time can be pinned on the chat feed.
  • The host & Event Manager would be able to pin a message on the chat feed.

Session Chat: -

  • Since the session chat feed gets enabled after the session starts, pinning the message can only be done after that.
  • Session Host can only be able to pin messages on the chat feed.

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