Steps to follow: 

Step 1. Go to the dashboard. ( > sign in > dashboard)

Step 2. Choose Sponsors from the left-hand panel.


Step 3. Now on the sponsor tab, you will see Sponsor tiers and +Add Sponsor

Sponsor Tiers: Sponsor Tiers is a way to differentiate different types of sponsors for your event. You can also edit and manage these tiers by clicking on the "Manage tier" with a pencil icon.

You can delete/edit the default tiers(Gold, Silver, Bronze) or add a new tier.

You can add up to 10 sponsor tiers, and each tier will contain 50 sponsors in it.



Adding Sponsor: Now, let's add a sponsor by clicking on +Add Sponsor, filling in the details, and assigning the tier level. You can also add a sponsor logo (400px*96px) in either JPEG, PNG, or SVG format.


Once the sponsor is added, it will look like the image given below. You can add new sponsors from the top right corner.

Note: Sponsors are visible on the event landing page and on the default reception layout.

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