Brand your event by adding your event logo and add an opening banner to be displayed on the reception page for attendees to see. Reception is the first thing attendees see once they enter the Airmeet event.

1. Venue Settings can be accessed from the dashboard left-hand side panel.

Sign in > dashboard > Venue Settings

2. Venue setting in Airmeet is the setting where you can upload/edit/delete:

  • Event Logo
    Recommended dimensions -  84px * 84px

    Supported formats - JPEG, SVG, PNG 
    Maximum file size up to 2 MB.

    Airmeet has 2 types of reception layout, Default reception & Customize reception.
  • Default Reception
    The default reception consists of a venue banner which is shown at the top of the event and a default view of the upcoming/ongoing session card with a scroller that shows various booths and lounge area access by default.
    Note: if a session has more than 4 speakers and a host then a default image would be shown instead of speakers and host profile image.

    Select the default reception layout and upload the venue banner accordingly.
    Recommended dimensions -  1936px*668px
    Supported formats - JPG, SVG, PNG 

    Maximum file size up to 5 MB.

  • Customize Reception
    Create a grand first impression for your attendees of the event. You can emphasize your brand and the event by creating a customized reception.

    Guide on How to set up “Customized Reception” in an Airmeet event?

    Recommended dimensions - 1440px *720px
    Supported formats - JPEG, PNG, SVG

    Maximum file size up to 10 MB.

3. This logo and banner will be visible on the Reception page as shown in the image below.

Default Reception Layout


Custom Reception Layout