Table of Content

  • Prerequisites
  • Join Airmeet upon invitation
  • Components of Application
    • Schedule Tab
      • Commence Session
      • Stage Control
    • Lounge Tab
    • Feed Tab
    • People Tab
  • Points to keep in mind


Download the Airmeet application from the App Store
Application Size:  43.1 MB.
Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Permissions Requested By the Airmeet on Ipad
- Joining using built-in audio devices if joining on stage requested by a host of that session.
Camera - Sharing your video in case joining on stage is requested by a host of that session.
Notifications - Allows Airmeet the ability to display notifications for chat messages, upcoming meetings, and more.


Step 1: Join Airmeet upon invitation

Use the unique invite link provided to you by the organizer to enter the Airmeet Event.

This link is unique to you as a speaker, and only you may log in using this link. If you choose to share this link with anyone, it will appear on the Airmeet with your name and details.


Once the link is entered, you will see a speaker card with your details such as name, designation, country, and description. Click “Continue”, and you’re in!


Note: As a speaker, you will not have to register for the event. Use the link provided to you by the organizer to enter the event.
If someone uses your link, they will appear on the screen with your name and information.




Step 2: Components of Application

Schedule Tab

As soon as you enter the event, you will land on the schedule section, where the session details are provided. The schedule includes a list of all sessions with session host and speakers details and the event agenda.

You will see the Go Backstage button on your mapped session and join by clicking on it. You can test your audio & video to avoid last-minute surprises and interact with the host and other speakers, getting to know them before going live.

Once everything is in order, the host will choose to begin the session. A countdown of 10 seconds will indicate that the session is about to begin.

Commence Session 

Once the session has begun, you can participate and present your contents. Remember that a Speaker is always visible to all event participants unless you choose to switch off your camera. The buttons to control the Video & Audio appear at the bottom center of your screen.

All chats, emojis, and questions posed by the attendees will be visible to you. If an attendee uses the “Raise Hand” feature, the host can moderate and accept or dismiss the request. If accepted, the attendee shares the stage with the speakers for the interaction.

Lounge Tab

The social lounge is the virtual space where the attendee can be seated at any table, move across the table, and interact with those on the same tables in a mini-virtual conference coming soon on the Ipad application.




Feed Tab

This tab shows the public chat, which can be sent by everyone attending the event to make it more engaging.

People Tab

This tab shows the list of all the attendees present at the event. You can view it in a grid view or a list view as well.

Participants can also send or view direct messages from this tab. Click on the profile icon of the attendees and start a 1:1 conversation with them on a private chat.

Points to keep in mind

  1. As a speaker, you can’t share your screen on an Ipad application. For screen sharing, sign in via laptop/desktop.

  2. The booths and social lounge are not available on the iPad application.

  3. The social lounge will soon be available on the iPad application for speakers and attendees to join.

  4. This app is especially recommended for speakers. A community team member or host/co-host of the event can not join through the application.