You can bring attendees to the stage using the following two features within Airmeet: 

As an attendee, you can join the speakers and host via hand raise during the session.

  • Raise Hand

    Step 1: During a session, attendees can click on the "Raise hand" option on the middle bottom of the screen to request the host to allow them to join the speakers on stage. 

    Step 2: The host has the discretion of either accepting or rejecting such attendee's requests.
    After accepting your request, you join the speakers and host on stage and can move out of the stage by clicking on the same hand raise option.

    Only one attendee at a time can join the stage through the "Raise Hand" option. 

    The host must remove the attendee on the stage after their presentation end to accept another attendee.

The event organizer has an option to invite you on stage during the live session to interact with other speakers.

  • Invite-to-stage

    During a session, the host can request any particular attendee to join the speaker on stage. 

    In this case, the attendee has the discretion of either accepting or rejecting the invitation. However, the host can invite any attendee(s) to stage as many times as required. 


Note: As a host, you can remove any attendee who joined the speaker(s) on stage at any time during the session.

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