An event organiser can view the list of all registered and invited attendees for their event under the “participants” section.

The event organiser can export the registration details of the participants.

The exported file also contains the unique event access link of the participants that have been added by the organiser.

The organizer can send those unique links to participants on their behalf or if participants have not received the email due to any technical glitch.

Participants tab components

As an event organiser, you can track the source from where the participants were added to the list and if the email was sent to invited participants or not.

The list contains few fields which show the source of participants added on the list.

  • Participants name - Name of participants

  • Email address - The email address entered via registration or added by the organizer on the invitation sheet.

  • Type - Shows the type of participants (Attendee, Exhibitors)

  • Added via - Tracks how the participants were added to the list:

    • Registration - Registered from the event page by using the event link

    • Invitation - Added by organiser through CSV list uploaded

    • Ticket - List of ticket holders are been shown here and keep updating from time to time.