Understanding the navigation, instructions, and interface boosts the event experience and cuts the learning curve. We make sure that the Airmeet platform speaks the same language as our attendees for the best experience.

English is the default language for all events that are created on the Airmeet platform. However, any attendee can change the event language to the one they speak or know best.

Currently, Airmeet is available in 5 languages.

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

Changing the language would change all in-event interface elements for a particular attendee.

Helping you to unite our multilingual world through your conferences.

Change the language of your own choice.


Step 1: Click on the profile section at the top right corner of the event.

Step 2: Select the “language” option.
Step 3: Select a language to use for this event.

Step 4: Click on “Save” for changes to take effect. The event interface will appear in a new language automatically.

To simplify things, Airmeet will automatically pick a language based on their browser settings and gives a pop-up notification to change the same when entering the event.

Note : 

  • Chat messages and Q/A sent by the attendees during the event won’t be translated to the selected language.

  • Session name & attendee details won’t be translated as well according to the selected language.

  • For an event organiser, the dashboard would be displayed in the default language that is English.


  1. Will my attendees be able to translate all my events? 

Currently, language translations are only supported for conferences. However, in the coming months, we’ll bring this experience across all events and plans. 

  1. Will everything inside my event be translated?

We’ll only translate the airmeet event platform and navigational cues throughout the event.

If your conference name, description, session titles, etc., are in English, then these will continue to be displayed in English only. 

  1. Will my event registration page be translated too?

Currently, the language translation works when you or your participants are inside the event. No other experience apart from this will be translated into your language. 

  1. Will the event organiser dashboard will be translated too?

Currently, the language translation works inside the event only. The organiser doesn’t have an option to change the preferred language.