Set up Multi-Language Interpretation on Airmeet via Interprefy

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1. Prerequisites

  • Airmeet community should be in a Virtual Events or All-In-Suite plan
  • Interprefy Licensee 

    For translation of a language, an Interprefy form needs to be filled and submitted to the interprefy team, link to the form is:

2. Overview

Interprefy offers real-time translation solutions to provide a truly multilingual experience for virtual event participants. In addition, it opens the possibility for event organizers to break the language barriers and reach a global audience.

With the Airmeet-Interprefy integration, you will be able to make the live translations available for your audience for live sessions directly on Airmeet. In addition, the integration will enable audio translations via a widget placed at the bottom of the stage.

3. How does Interprefy work?

Participants will see a “Translate” button on the stage. Clicking on this button will open a modal from which they can select the language of their choice. 

After selecting the language, Participants will also have to mute the stage audio manually to hear only the translated audio.

What does it look like?

4. How to Setup your Interprefy for your session?

Step 1: Fill out the following form with your requirements, which will be sent to the Interprefy team.

Form Details: Your details, Event details, Source language, Interpreting languages too.

Fill this form & submit your request.
Alternative link -

An Interprefy representative will contact you within 12-18 hours to understand the requirements & issue the license for your event.

Note : License purchases can only be done from the Interprefy portal and have no relation to the Airmeet subscription cycle. 

5. Enable translation for your session

Step 2After purchasing the licenses from Interprefy, they will issue you a private token key that needs to be entered for that particular session on the event dashboard.

Event dashboard > Sessions tab >  + Add Activity > Select Session > Accessibility > Enter private token > Click Save.

What is Token?
"Token is usually a set of letters and/or numbers starting with the letter I (for Interpreter) and a dash." Interprefy provides a URL with a token to connect to the event. 


where <token> is the event token that should be entered on Airmeet session.

Disclaimer: Airmeet doesn’t validate the private token entered by you. For any discrepancy, please connect with the Interprefy representative.

Important Note 

Different sessions might require separate token keys. Please confirm the same with the Interprefy team before reusing the same token.

Step 3The event organizer can test the Interprefy functionality backstage before the event starts via preview mode or during the live event.

Interprefy would be assigning representatives just a few minutes before the session starts. For any discrepancy, please connect with the Interprefy representative.

Once the session begins, other participants can select their desired language and mute the raw audio from the stage.

6. FAQs

Q. How soon can we get the private token from Interprefy?
After filling out the form, the Interprefy representative will contact you in the next 12–18 hours.

It is recommended to get in touch with Interprefy and set up at least 10-14 days before your event. Depending upon the requirement, they might need a buffer time to issue you the token key. 

Q. Can we use Interprefy on Airmeet mobile apps or mobile web?

Unfortunately, no. Interprefy is currently not supported on  Airmeet mobile apps or the mobile web.

Q. How many languages can Interprefy support in one session?

Interprefy can support 100 languages and up to 400 interpreters per session.

The highest number of languages that Interprefy has provided interpretation for in a single session is 36.

Read more in detail -

Q. Can other speakers and session hosts use Interprefy during the live sessions?

Yes. Other speakers and session hosts can also use Interprefy during the live sessions.

Q. Can we use Interprefy for parallel sessions?

Interprefy can work for parallel sessions. However, you may need separate tokens for the sessions. Please verify with the Interprefy team.

Read more about Interprefy related FAQ’s -

Q. Is Interprefy included in some packages, or is it an additional fee?

Interfrefy services are additional services that the event organizer needs to opt for and purchase the licenses accordingly.

Q. What is the Cost of Interprefy services?

The cost of Interprefy services varies depending on your requirements and the languages you choose.

You can reach out to Interprefy by filling out the form below:

Interprefy Form Link:

7. Important Notes & Limitations

  • Participants must mute the session’s original audio to hear the translation (if they do not, they will get both the original audio and the translated audio over the top of each other).
  • Interprefy doesn't work for RTMP-based sessions (Stream into Airmeet)
  • Interprefy might not be supportive of any pre-recorded content/video been played during the live session.
  • Interprefy is not supported in Lite mode for participants.

  • Currently, Interprefy is not supported in the Airmeet mobile browser version & on mobile applications.

  • The organizer needs to purchase an Interprefy license separately from the Interprefy team.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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