More audience, more prospects for the business! Who doesn’t want more audiences for their webinars or other virtual events? 

With Airmeet’s live streaming functionality, you can stream your Airmeet events to your Linkedln profile or page as well.


1. LinkedIn Live Video broadcasters access Apply to Become a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster )

2. Created event in Airmeet

Disclaimer:  If you're scheduling the stream on LinkedIn at a particular time make sure you start the session at the same time or 5 mins prior to the session.

Set up a LinkedIn Live stream for your sessions (Event Dashboard)

Step 1: Select the Airmeet event where you want to stream your sessions.

Step 2: Click on “Live Stream” on the left side of the event dashboard page and click on “Add stream destination.”

Step 3: Click on “Custom RTMP” and fill in the required information like Stream URL, Stream key, Live Stream Page URL, and Destination Nickname.

But, how do I get LinkedIn Stream URL & Stream Key?

To stream in LinkedIn, you need to be an approved LinkedIn Live Video broadcaster license.
Apply for Linkedln live broadcaster


Step 4Go to the custom stream page at

Note: In order to gain an audience, we recommend for a stream to run for at least 10 minutes. The maximum stream time is four hours.

Step 5Under  New Stream, select "Go Live Now" or "Schedule for later"

Schedule for later

  • You can schedule your stream for a maximum of 7 days and a minimum of 1 hour in advance.
  • Stream Key & URL are only generated 1 hour before your schedule time.
  • When scheduling, you can choose a thumbnail image to show on LinkedIn to give members an idea of what to expect. For the thumbnail, the maximum image size is 1080 x 1920 px.
  • You can go live any time from 15 minutes before to 2 hours after your scheduled start time. If you don’t go live within this time period, the post will show that your stream is canceled.

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Go Live Now

Step 6: Under Create a Post, select a LinkedIn Page/Profile you want to live stream.

Step 7Under Your Stream Details, add the "Title" for your stream.

Stream Settings

Step 8: In the Stream Settings tab, pick your region, then click on the "Get URL" button. 

Note: Not all regions have a dedicated source in the region dropdown list. If you don’t see your region, you can still go live by selecting the region closest to you.

Step 9:  Copy the Stream URL and Stream Key.

Step 10: Paste the Stream URL & Stream Key on the Airmeet event dashboard as shown in Step 3.

Step 11: Select the session you want to stream through RTMP.

As per Linkedln streaming policy you can only stream one session at a time.

Note: You cannot select two parallel sessions at the same time to stream. You can stream the second session once the first session has been completed after generating a new Stream Key & URL from LinkedIn.

Step 12: Click on “Add custom RTMP” and you are good to go!

Step 11: Once the session starts, you will see a preview of your live session on LinkedIn under the custom stream page.

Step 12: Click "Go live" on the upper right of the custom stream page on Linkedln to make the stream live for the audience.

Disclaimer:  If you're scheduling the stream on Linkedln at a particular time make sure you start the session at the same time or 5 mins prior to the session.

Points to keep in mind :

  • Stream resolution for any session stream into encoder/platform is 720p.

  • Once streaming has begun it has nothing to do with host/co-host bandwidth as host/co-host only triggered start session which starts the streaming as well.

  • You cannot stream two parallel sessions in the case of custom RTMP.

  • There would be a latency of about ~15-20 seconds between the stream being sent and the stream being received.

  • Recommended not to take any break for a session that is getting streamed as it will freeze at the last frame of the session.

  • If the session got ended by the event host, the live stream will stop immediately.

  • It is advisable to not use any copyrighted content while streaming as it may lead to blocking your live streaming by the respective platform which is out of Airmeet control.

  • To learn more about Linkedln live FAQ, check out the following link:

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