The attendee's unique link is distributed for private events while selecting the following event entry rules - 

  • Anyone can enter in just 2-steps with a unique link
  • Only people who are invited can enter

The event invitation link for each attendee is unique, and it's recommended not to share the same with anyone else.

Note: Only invited attendees of the private event will receive the unique link

The event organizer will collect the mailing addresses of the event attendees and send the unique event invitation link to each attendee.

Attendees can follow the following steps to access the event using their unique event link from the invitation.

Step 1: Attendees to check their mailbox of the same email provided to the event organizer for the RVSP event.

Step 2: Find the event invitation email under the name of “Airmeet”. Now, one can join the event using the attached link from the email or can add the event to their calendar.

Step 3: A click on the link will direct attendees to the Airmeet event landing page and prompts them to fill the registration form/attendee card before they enter the event. Also, one must allow camera and mic permissions.

Step 4: After providing the relevant permissions you would be able to enter the event.

When the event has not started:

If the event is not yet started, attendees can still fill the registration form and add the event to their calendar.

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