1. Overview

2. How does the 2-steps email authentication entry rule work?

3. How to set up a 2-steps email authentication entry rule?

1. Overview

Participants can enter the event hassle-free without requiring OTP or sign-in. The unique event access link will be sent to the email address provided by the registrant.

2. How does the 2-steps email authentication entry rule work?

  • Attendees need to visit the event link provided by the event organizer. 

  • Enter their email address on the landing page, 

  • Attendees will be sent a unique link to the email address provided, which will be used to register for the event.

In this type of event entry, the attendees do not have to go through the hassles of signing in or getting verification (OTP).

3. How to set up a 2-steps email authentication entry rule?

Step 1: Go to the event dashboard and click on the “Summary tab” on the top panel.

Step 2:  Go to event details and click on the “Edit” button

Step 3: Select the “Anyone can enter via their unique link” option and click Save.

3.1. Upload CSV to send bulk invitation

As an event organizer, you can also upload the participant’s details and send them the event joining link(Magic link) on their respective email id.

Kindly follow the steps to upload the CSV and send them the unique link to their email address:

Step 1: After selecting “Anyone can enter via their unique link” as the event entry rule, go to the Registrations tab 

Step 2: Click on Participant list > Registration Summary > click on the “Add attendees” option.

Step 3:  Download the list template and use the format specified in the CSV file. 


Note: It is mandatory to add attendees' first & last names and email addresses to the CSV list. While using a CSV file, please do not change the header content of the same.


Step 4: Click on the “Add attendees” button and upload the CSV file once you have entered the information of the desired attendees.

Step 5: Once the list of attendees has been uploaded, click the “Send email invites” button to send the invites immediately, or you can choose to do it later manually.

Helpful Tip: -

If the attendees haven’t received the unique link on their respective email, they can reach out to the event organizer, whereas they can copy the link and send them manually from the event dashboard.

Event dashboard > Registrations Tab > Participants List > Hover over the participants > Copy Magic Link.

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