Table of contents

  1. Hide/unhide speaker from stage

    1. Overview

    2. Show speaker on the live stage

    3. Hide Speaker from the live stage

  2. Private Chat with speakers & host

    1. Overview

    2. Access private chat on stage/backstage

      • Accessibility

  3. Things to keep in mind

Hide/unhide speaker from stage


Choose who should appear on the live stage from the set of speakers mapped to the session. Use this option to highlight your active speaker on the live stage and keep the audience's attention on them. You can hide inactive speakers from the audience’s view and bring them back on stage when it is their turn to contribute. 

Show speaker on the live stage.

As a session host/co-host, you can show the mapped speaker on the stage by following the steps below.


Speaker joins backstage > Click on “
Speaker & host” option > Hover towards the particular speaker > 

Click on “Show on Stage.

Detailed flow

Step 1: As soon as the speaker joins backstage/stage, you can see them under the “Speaker & host” option by clicking on it.

Note: Speaker by default joins on a hidden mode either at backstage or on the live session.

Step 2: As a session host/co-host, you can show mapped speakers on the stage by clicking the “Speaker & host” button at the bottom of your screen, where the speaker panel opens up.

Step 3: Hover towards the particular speaker you want to show on stage and click on “Show on Stage.”

Step 4: Now, the speaker will be visible to all the other speakers & attendees on the live stage.

Serial order in which Speakers are shown on Speaker panel

  1. Hidden speakers & host

  2. Live on stage speakers & host

  3. Speakers not available or Not yet joined

Hide Speaker from the live stage

As a session host/co-host, you can hide the mapped speaker & other co-hosts from the stage by following the steps below.

Click on the “
Speaker & host > Hover to a particular speaker/co-host block > click on the “Hide from the stage.

Detailed flow

Step 1: Click on the “Speaker & host” button placed at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Hover towards the particular speaker/co-host block and click on the “Hide from stage” option. 

You can also hide the speaker from the stage by hovering over the speaker’s video feed and clicking on the “eye icon.

Step 3: Once the speaker is hidden, they won’t be able to access the camera & microphone option and only hear the live host & speakers on the live stage.

Private Chat with Speakers & Host


Keep in touch with your speakers via chat through the session. Use the private chat to resolve issues, address concerns, and communicate with each other. The chat will always be on and can be accessed anytime during the session.

Access private chat on stage/backstage

Step 1: Click on the “Speaker chat” button placed at the right side bottom of the screen.

Step 2: All the speakers, either on hide mode live on stage or backstage, can have a private textual conversation among themselves.

Messages sent on speaker chat can only be seen by the hosts & speakers. 

Attendees will NOT have access to view these messages.


Drag & Drop chat window

As a speaker or host, you can also drag and place the chart on the screen wherever you are comfortable by simply holding the chatbox and dragging it towards a specific section on the screen.

Pop-up chat

As soon as another speaker or host sends you a message, a pop-up will appear stating the latest sent messages to which you can click and respond it.

Things to keep in mind

  • If the host/speaker for a session join it when it is LIVE, they would NOT automatically be visible on stage. By default, they will join hidden.

  • The "remove from stage" icon would show up for an invited speaker only when they are hidden. (If they are visible, the "remove from stage" icon would not show up on hover)

  • In the Hide speaker widget, speaker thumbnails appear even if they are not in the session - The "not available" label indicates that you are not present in the event.