Airmeet 'Realtime Analytics' Dashboard & Segmentations

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1. Overview

    1.1 Walkthrough Video

2. Send analytics reports to your respective email address.

3. Realtime Analytics dashboard

    3.2. Registrations Tab

    3.3. Engagement Tab

4. Audience tab 

    4.1 Add Filters 

    4.2 Create Segments

1. Overview

Analytics of virtual events is vital to understanding the stance of your business and organization in the virtual world. The report can also promote your services & products and generate sales. Airmeet does provide high-quality, detailed analytics of the events hosted on our platform.

The event analytics report will be available in the dashboard for the organizer to view 10 minutes after the event starts. In addition, organizers will access the analytics report in real-time while the event is still in progress.

Event Analytics Reports are available on the event dashboard for an overview insight and the detailed report can be sent to community team members from the dashboard.

1.1. Walkthrough Video

Note : Analytics report will vary as per the Event Format chosen Read More.

2. Send analytics reports to your respective email address.

Event Dashboard > Analytics Tab > View summarize data or send report it to your email address.

3. Realtime Analytics dashboard

Go to 'Event Dashboard' > Click on 'Analytics' Tab > 'View' different Tabs

3.1. Summary tab

Get a quick into your event performance through a summary of your entire event.

The summary tab offers you a comprehensive view of your event & as an organizer, you will be able to view the summary of the event based on:

  • Attendee Turnout: Shows total participants turnout with % attendees & registered.

  • Social Lounge: This shows the total number of participants who joined a single table.

  • Speed Networking: Shows the total participants who used speed networking & participants who found a match

  • Top booth: Shows participants with maximum no of visits, CTA clicks & Video views on the particular booth.

  • Top Session Shows participant data based on Attendance, Duration, Maximum messages entered & Maximum Questions asked.

  • Top Polls Shows participant responses data on the Polls conducted & Average poll responses.

3.2. Registrations Tab

Understand your event audience and participation.

Get insights on demographics, analyze responses from registration, and get detailed summaries of individual participants.

The registrant's tab offers you a comprehensive view of event registrations. In addition, you will be able to view the demographic details about your event registrants based on:

  • Participant turnout - This shows the total no of participants who registered & attended the event.

  • Attendee breakdown - Shows new and repeat participants. 

  • Registration type -  Shows no participants Self-registered or invited

  • Participant Demographics - Various regions' data from which participants attended the events.

  • Traffic Attribute - This shows how many registrants came from different marketing channels & UTM codes.

    As an Organizer, you can add a UTM Code to the event link and share across with participants.
    Once the participants register for the event, the same will be shown on the Airmeet analytics dashboard as shown above.

    For eg :
  • Device Source shows Participants' Device Type, Operating System & Web Browser from which they have attended the event.

  • Ticket Distribution shows ticket distribution & ticket purchase of participants by location.

3.3. Engagement Tab

Stay updated on the footfall that important parts of your event are generating, and gauge your audience’s interest level by tracking their collective activity.

Get insights on the Event, Session, Lounge & booth-level participants, and get detailed summaries of every aspect of the event.

The engagement tab offers you a comprehensive view of event attendance. In addition, you will be able to view the bar chart details about your event engagements based on:

As an organizer, you can view the data overall or can toggle to "Active Attendees" to view the ongoing engagements.

  • Event Level Attendance: Showcase to you the total no of attendees, session attended, lounge attendees, booth visitors & average time spent by participants.

  • Session Level Attendance: Showcase to you the average attendee & average time spent on all sessions. You can also select a particular session by using the search tab.
    • No of Raise hand
    • Asked Question
    • Answered Poll
    • Send messages
    • Reacted via Emoji

  • Booth Level Attendance: Showcase to you the total booth attendees, average attendance & time spent by visitors on all the booths. You can also select a particular session by using the search tab.
    • Clicked on CTA's
    • Watched Live broadcast
    • Watched Banner Video
    • Interacted with Exhibitor

  • Lounge Level Attendance: Showcase to you the total lounge attendees & day-wise attendees data.
    • Joined Tables
    • Joined Meetings
    • Joined Speed Networking
    • Day-wise attendees

4. Audience tab 

Segregate the participants on the basis of various filters and divide them by creating various segments. Filter out the audience based on certain parameters to understand their behavior.

Send personalized & curated content to capture your segment’s interest before, after, and during the event.


4.1 Add Filters 

Adding filters helps you understand the users that are participating in your event, and evaluate whether they meet certain criteria. The list of filtered users can be downloaded and used to analyze the participants' behavior.

Step 1: Go to events dashboard > click on the Analytics tab.

Step 2: Click on 'Add Filters'  and start selecting the relevant filters based on various parameters.

1. Registration Details: Select parameters from Ticket type, Device type, Web Browser, Operating System & Custom Registration fields entered by participants.

2. Attendance: Select parameters from sources of access event either via registration, ticketing, or type of event attendance.

3. Location: Select one or more locations from which participants are joined.  

4.2 Create Segments

Segments are a list of users in your event who meet certain criteria. This section is where you can see and download your previously saved segments.

To create a new segment, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the events dashboard, click on the Analytics tab, and then click Segments.

Step 2: Click on '+New Segments' to create a new segment and select various filters and parameters.

You can select multiple custom registration fields as well and create a segment.

Step 3: Enter a name for your segment and save your segment by clicking on 'Apply'.

5. Points to keep in Mind

  • Analytics reports can be sent to the event manager of a particular community by clicking on the "Send full report" option.

  • Analytics data are shown in 10 minutes of delay (data processing time)

  • Complete Analytics reports are default sent to the event manager on their respective email id who created the event in the next 24-48 hours after marking the event ended.

To know about how secure your data would be, Kindly visit Airmeet Privacy Policy & Airmeet Security & Compliance.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge. 

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