• Overview

  • Enable Donorbox for your session

    • Create a campaign and generate a Donorbox link

  • Showcase your donor box CTA on the event feed

  • Disable Donorbox integration

  • Points to keep in mind

Disclaimer: Donorbox integration is currently in the Beta phase. 
Kindly send a request to support at or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge to get it enabled for your event. 


Run your fundraisers end to end on Airmeet through our integration with Donorbox. Embed the Donorbox widget within the sessions and enable attendees to make contributions without having to navigate out of your ongoing sessions. Drive more donations by promoting your cause through a customized message on chat.

The integration can be activated by enabling it from under the manage tab in the RHS from a live stage. The organizer can add the donorbox campaign URL to make it live. This can also be displayed in the chat. Organizers will be able to customize the content for the text widget.

Walkthrough Video

Enable Donorbox for your session

To enable donor box for your particular session, kindly follow the below steps.

Step 1: Enter the specific session where you want to enable the Donorbox integration.

Note: The event organizer can set up the integration before the event starts in preview mode.

Step 2: Go to the platform’s right-hand side, click the “Manage” button, and select the “Activities tab.

Step 3: Under the Activities tab, select the Donorbox option.

Setup Donorbox integration

Step 4: Click on the Donorbox tab and Toggle the button towards the right to enable the integration, post that enter the following details:

  • Donorbox URL
    Add the Donorbox campaign URL, which needs to be live during the session.


    Create a campaign and generate a Donorbox link.
    You will need a campaign form to collect donations, check how to create a campaign, and generate the Donorbox URL. Learn how to Create a Campaign Form

  • Add Custom Tab Name
    Add a more engaging name that attendees can understand. E.g., Quiz, Game, etc.

Participants view

Showcase your donor box CTA on the event feed

Enable Widget in Chat

You can pin a widget in Chat with a call to action for Donorbox, which would be consistent on your session chat feed during the session.

To Enable the Widget on chat, kindly toggle the button towards the right. 

Enter to the following fields:

  • Widget Title

Enter the Wiget title to explain what people can do with this Widget.

  • Call to Action Text

Enter call to action text which will appear on the button on the Widget.

Disable Donorbox integration

To disable the Donorbox integration from your session, kindly follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the right-hand side of your session and click on the Activities tab.
Step 2: Click on the 
Donorbox integration.

Step 3: Toggle the button towards the left to disable the integration from the session.

Step 4: Click Save to disable the tab temporarily.

Note: The Widget will also be removed from the session chat feed when you disable the integration.

Points to keep in mind

  • Donorbox can be enabled and disabled by the session Host/Co-Host and the Event Manager.

  • Integrations need to be enabled for every particular session and can't be enabled for all the sessions at a time.

Disclaimer: Airmeet doesn't hold any responsibility for payment failures & any payment-related discrepancy.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.