Integrate Airmeet with Kahoot!

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1. Pre-requisites

2. Use Cases

3. Overview

4. Enable Kahoot! for your session

5. Run Kahoot on a live session

6. Disable Kahoot integration

7. Points to keep in mind

1. Pre-requisites

  • Airmeet community should be in Appsumo, Premium Webinar, Virtual Events or All In Suite plan
  • An account in Kahoot of any subscription (Depends on the organizer)
  • To play a Kahoot quiz, the game lobby launches, displaying a unique game PIN, for all players to see and use in their session

2. Use Cases

  • Enjoy a more personalized, and engaging self-course learning experience with Kahoot for your event
  • Educational, Fun quizzes can be created.
  • Q/A can be played on Kahoot.
  • Presentations & meetings
    Create interactive presentations and meetings by importing slides and adding audience participation features like polls and brainstorms.

3. Overview

The Kahoot integration will allow organizers to add the Kahoot widget to the live stage RHS. Using the widget they will be able to host pop quizzes directly on Airmeet. 

The attendees will be able to view and answer the quiz questions right from within the live session.

Walkthrough Video

Note: We have switched to a vertical layout for all session-level RHS controls.

4. Enable Kahoot! for your session

To enable Kahoot for your particular session, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Enter a specific session where you want to enable the Kahoot integration.

Step 2: Go to the right-hand side section of the stage and click the “Integration icon”.

Step 3: Under the Integration tab, select the Kahoot option.

Step 4: Click on the Kahoot tab and Toggle the button towards the right to enable the integration.

  • Add Custom Tab Name
    Add a more engaging name that attendees can understand. E.g., Quiz, Game, etc.

  • Enable Widget in Chat
    You can pin a widget in Chat with a call to action for Kahoot, which would be consistent with your session chat feed during the session.

To Enable the Widget on chat, kindly toggle the button towards the right. 

Enter the following fields:

  • Widget Title

Enter the Widget title to explain what people can do with this Widget.

  • Call to Action Text

Enter the call to action text, which will appear on the button on the Widget.

Note:  The event organizer can set up the integration before the event starts in preview mode.

5. Run Kahoot on a live session

Once the Kahoot! integration is enabled for your session, the organizer can share their screen and showcase the Kahoot! game pin, and start the quiz.

Step 1: Once Kahoot is enabled for a particular session, the organizer or participants present on stage can start sharing their screen with Kahoot running on another tab.

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Step 2: Once the screen sharing is done, all the attendees can enter the game pin and on the Kahoot tab present on the right-hand side of the session and enter the game.

Step 3: Once everyone has entered the quiz, the game controller can start with the quiz and present all the questions to attendees.

6. Disable Kahoot integration

To disable the Kahoot integration from your session, kindly follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the right-hand side of your session and click on the Integrations icon.
Step 2: Click on the 
Kahoot integration.

Step 3: Toggle the button towards the left to disable the integration from the session.

Step 4: Click Save to disable the tab temporarily.

Note: The Widget will also be removed from the session chat feed when you disable the integration.

7. Points to keep in mind

  • Kahoot! Integration can be enabled and disabled by the session Host/Co-Host and the Event Managers.

  • Integrations need to be enabled for every particular session and can't be enabled for all the sessions at a time.

  • Guest participants and individuals joining via the incognito tab should verify that they haven't blocked any third-party cookies. This will ensure a smooth participation experience in the Kahoot quiz directly within the Airmeet session, without encountering any difficulties.

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