Integrate Airmeet with Power Automate

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1. Overview

2. Prerequisites

3. Use cases

4. Generate Airmeet account Access key and Secret key

5. Get started with your Power Automate Flows.

6. Known issues and limitations

7. FAQs

1. Overview

Empower everyone to build automated processes with flows in Power Automate. Use low-code, drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of pre-built connectors that easily automate repetitive, mundane tasks.

With the Power Automate connector, you can add and retrieve event registrations, manage the event listing, set up reminders, track event attendance, and more.

2. Prerequisites

  • To use connectors, you need an Airmeet account to generate an API key
  • An Account on Power Automate.
  • Airmeet community should be under Appsumo, Premium Webinar, Virtual Events, or All-in-Suite subscriptions.

3. Use cases

  • Using the Power Automate connector, we can add and retrieve event registrations, manage the event listing, set up reminders, track event attendance, and more.
  • We can also add speakers and sessions that will be helpful for event setup. 

4. Generate Airmeet account Access key and Secret key

Step 1: Sign in to your airmeet account ( )
Step 2: Click on the "Integrations" tab and select the "API Access Key" section.
Step 3: Click on "Generate access key" and provide a name/label to your key (can be anything that can be remembered later)

Step 4: After providing your label name, 'X-Airmeet-Access-Key' with 'X-Airmeet-Secret-Key' would be generated, which can be used in API integration.


Access Key = X-Airmeet-Access-Key

Secret Key = X-Airmeet-Secret-Key

5. Get started with your Power Automate Flows.


To use this connector, you need an Airmeet account. The option will be available in the Virtual Events Format and All-In-Suite Plans.

  • Sign-up for an Airmeet account
  • Create to generate an API key

How to Create flows on Power Automate

Step 1: Sign in to Power Automate.
Step 2: Select Power Automate from the navigation bar (9 dot menu)
Step 3: Click on "+Create" to create your flow.
Step 4: Select "Start from blank" or choose any from the existing template.

Power Automate opens.

Step 5: Use the Airmeet connectors and triggers to build your flow with MS Tools.

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Airmeet triggers & connectors

The triggers support the following operations:

  1. Trigger.airmeet.registrant.added: Triggers when a participant registers for an Airmeet event.

  2. Trigger.airmeet.attendee.added: Triggers when an attendee is added to an Airmeet event.

  3. Trigger.airmeet.attendee.joined: Triggers when an attendee joins an Airmeet event.

  4. Trigger.airmeet.created: Trigger to create an Airmeet event.

  5. Trigger.airmeet.started: Trigger to start an Airmeet event.

  6. Trigger.airmeet.finished: Trigger to mark an Airmeet event ended.

  7. Trigger.airmeet.reminder: Trigger to set reminders for an Airmeet event.

  8. Trigger.airmeet.polls: Trigger to create polls

  9. Trigger.airmeet.recording.available: Trigger to check if session recording are avaialble.

  10. Trigger.session.attendee.joined: Trigger to an attendee join a session in the event.

The connector supports the following operations:

  1. Get Airmeet: Get an airmeet list from your community.

  2. Create an Airmeet: Create an Airmeet in your community.

  3. Add a speaker: Add a speaker to your Airmeet event.

  4. Create Session: Add a Session to your Airmeet.

  5. Add Registrant: Add Registrant to an Airmeet.

  6. Register an Airmeet Trigger: Select a trigger from the available options. Set up reminders and alerts based on event registration, attendance, and start and end times.

  7. Add Authorize attendee: Add attendee to an Airmeet event

  8. Remove authorized attendee: Remove an attendee to an Airmeet event 

  9. Fetch Airmeet participants: Search & find participants at the event

  10. Fetch Airmeet session data: Extract session-level analytics & data.

Use Cases

Use Case 1 - Get an alert when someone registers for your event.

Step 1: Select the 'Register an Airmeet Trigger' operation.

Step 2: Use the 'trigger.airmeet.registrant.added' Trigger, and select the Airmeet event for which you wish to track the registrations.

Step 3: Add an appropriate next step. The trigger response contains 'name', 'email', and other registration fields, which can be used as inputs in this step.

Use Case 2 - Add registration to your event.

Step 1: The first step could be a form submission or a row addition in any data source

Step 2: Add the 'Add Registrant' operation from the Airmeet Connector as the next step

Step 3: Select the Airmeet Event where you wish to add registrations, map the Name, Email, and other fields and click Save. 

6. Known issues and limitations

  • Ensure that the Airmeet Entry Rules are set as desired. While all available options can be used, if you want to limit access to participants added from Power Automate, we recommend selecting 'Only people who are invited can enter' or 'Anyone with an event link after logging in to capture the email id.

  • Organizers should check the registered participant's limits on Airmeet from the event dashboard, as a notification would only be sent when the limit reaches 90% & 100%.

  • Airmeet sends an email to participants upon registration and another email when the event is about to start. If you wish to use another Application to send emails to your participants, you can email <> to disable participant emails on registration and event reminders.

  • Only the participants' Name, Email, Organization, and Designation will be added to Airmeet. Custom Fields cannot be added.

  • Participants registered for the Airmeet Event before enabling your flow for the event will not be added automatically. You have to export a CSV from Airmeet to add those participants. Event Dashboard > People Tab > Attendees List > Download List.

  • Few of Airmeet's Public APIs and Webhooks are not available in the connector. These will be added incrementally. 

7. FAQs

Q. How do I disconnect?
You can disconnect the connection on Power Automate or delete the access key on Airmeet.

Q. What happens if I disconnect?
As soon as you disconnect, the registration details stop syncing with the Airmeet registration list, and all those already registered will get access to the event.

Q. How will participants get the Airmeet event link?
When participants are added to an event as registrants, they receive a unique link via email from Airmeet to have seamless access to the event.

Q. Are there any other resources that can be of use?
Refer to the following pages:

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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