Note: Hybrid capabilities are an Add-On for Professional plans.

Disclaimer: This feature is currently in the Limited Beta phase. 

Kindly send a request to support at or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge to get it enabled for your event. 

Provide a seamless event experience for your online and in-person attendees by Creating a Hybrid conference event on Airmeet. Let's see how you can create a Hybrid conference event on the dashboard.

Step 1: Go to the dashboard. ( >sign in> Dashboard)

Step 2: Click the "Create Event" button and select the "Hybrid Conference" format.

Step 3: Enter the following event details:

a) Event Name: Enter an event name that would be showcased on the landing page.

b) Start & End date & time: Enter the event start & end date and time to be showcased on the landing page.

c) Event Venue: Enter the venue name displayed on the Landing page for your on-site participants to reach.

d) Event Description: Write an overview of the event for your attendees to read. You can also add a different text background & font color along with hyperlinks & images.

e) Organization Name: Enter the organizer name to be shown on the landing page.

f) Organizer email: Enter the organizer's email address for attendees to reach out in case of any query.

Step 4:  Click on "Create Event." Now, your Hybrid Conference event has been created successfully.

To change any of these details later, Go to "Event details" on the right-hand side of your event dashboard and click on the "Edit" button.

Step 5:  You will now enter the "Event Dashboard," where you can set up your whole event.

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