Please note that the following answer describes the steps in Meetup format. In Conference format, the user interface designs may differ.

Airmeet enables you to manage and interact with your attendees throughout your session. 

1. Engage and Manage Your Attendees With Interactive Features

On the Right Hand Side Panel, you’ll see:

  • Moderation - Any inappropriate message and question will appear in the Moderation tab. As a moderator, you can remove the same, block the user who abused it, or ignore it by clicking on the three-dot icon if it's done mistakenly.

    NOTE: Manage Abuse option is only visible to the host. 

  • People - The People tab showcases all the participants attending the event. 

  • Chat - The Chat feature is bifurcated into two categories:
     1. Public Live Chat: 
    All the participants can read your messages in session and live feed of the event.

     2. Direct Message: Private messages read by the particular recipients.

  • Questions - The host can take up the questions asked by the attendees from the Questions window. 

Ways to allow Attendees to Join the Stage

1. Raise Hand - Your attendees can use the raise hand feature to request the host to join the stage during the live session. 

2. Invite to Stage - With this feature, you can send requests to your attendees to join the stage during the live session.



  • Only the host has the control to invite the attendee on the stage, and at any instance, we would recommend you not to invite more than 10 people on stage. 
  • Only attendees who have logged in with a laptop/desktop can be invited to the stage. If you invite attendees who have logged in from their mobile devices, an error message will be shown to you. 


3. Remove the attendee from the stage: Attendees can be removed from the stage as soon as the conversation is done, or the attendee lost the connection between the sessions.


4. Exit from the Backstage

Once the session is complete, anyone attending the session can exit the Right Hand Side panel below all the features. 


Can the host remove all the speakers from the stage? 

Only the speakers who’ve joined the stage through Raise Hand or Invite to stage option can be removed. 

 How do I reorder the sessions list?

To reorder the session list, the user will need to delete the session and add it again in the required order. 

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