Each virtual table can accommodate up to 8-125 people at a time, depending upon the plans opted. The event organizer & moderator has an additional chair reserved for them on a table.

Organizers/hosts can determine and configure the number of seats per table and the number of tables at the social lounge. 

Participants supported according to Airmeet plans:-

Attendee-Based Plans (Community created or upgraded after 12th October)

PlanNo of Chair(participants) / virtual table
FreeUp to 8 participants
StarterUp to 30 participants
ProfessionalUp to 125 participants
EnterpriseUp to 125 participants

Older Plans (Activated before 12th Oct)

No of Chair(participants) / virtual table
Up to 8 participants
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
AppsumoUp to 15 participants

Note: Airmeet also supports 50 participants/table on a custom quote basis. Kindly reach out to our Sales representative or your Account manager.

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