How to Set up and configure tables at the Airmeet Social Lounge?

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1. Overview

2. Setup Virtual Lounge tables

3. Configure the Social table

4. Remove Table

5. Deleting a Table

6. Attendee-led table

1. Overview

The social lounge is the virtual space where the attendee can be seated at any table, move across the table, and interact with those at the same tables in a mini-virtual conference.  

Here’s how you can set up and configure tables at the Social Lounge and boost virtual networking at your event. 

Participants supported according to Airmeet plans:-

Attendee-Based Plans (Community created or upgraded after 12th Oct 2022)

PlanNo of Chair(participants) / virtual table
FreeUp to 8 participants
StarterUp to 30 participants
ProfessionalUp to 125 participants
EnterpriseUp to 125 participants

Older Plans (Activated before 12th Oct 2022)

No of Chair(participants) / virtual table
Up to 8 participants
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
Up to 30 participants
AppsumoUp to 15 participants

Note: Airmeet also supports 50 participants/table on a custom quote basis. Kindly reach out to our Sales representative or your Account manager.

2. Setup Virtual Lounge tables

After creating your event, 5 tables are created on the lounge by default in the social lounge. 

However, as an organizer, you can increase the number of tables according to your preference in the virtual lounge by clicking on the "Edit Loungebutton.

Let us see how to add more tables to your social lounge:

Step 1: Click on the "Edit Lounge" button.

Step 2: Enter the number of organizer tables you want for your event. 

You can choose from the recommended option or add a custom number for creating that number of tables.

A maximum of 500 tables are allowed per event.

A maximum of 30 participants + 1 organizer can join each table. (8 people can participate in case you are on a Free plan)

Step 3: After selecting the number of tables, click on SAVE.

Note: The number of tables is created in real-time, and your attendee will be able to see the additional table once added by the event organizer.

3. Configure the Social table

Hover your mouse towards the table corner and click on the edit option. Enter the following information to set up your table

  • Table topic: Enter a topic that participants will find interesting to join during the event.

  • Add an image: Add an image to the table which draws people to join. 
    Supported image formats are SVG, PNG or JPEG. Maximum file size 500 KB.

  • Number of seats:  Enter the number of seats to be visible to Attendees (Though 15 participants can be seated altogether but would show 8 seats visually)
    • Select the mode of the table:
      • Fixed: Only a particular number of participants would be allowed to join the table as mentioned in "Number of seats."
      • Expanding: The number of visible seats at the table will start at 8 seats and will expand automatically. As long as a seat is available, more people can join the table. One seat each is reserved for an organizer and table creator to join.

Step 4: Click "SAVE", and your table will be created for other participants to join you for networking & discussion.

4. Remove Table

To remove the extra table, the event organizer can go back to the Edit Lounge button and enter the lesser number of tables.

Configure the Social Lounge > Enter the lesser no of the table. 

5. Deleting a Table

To delete any particular table, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Hover towards the table and click on 3-dots.

Step 2: Click on the delete table option.

Note: Tables on which attendees will be sitting would be deleted after the last person leaves that particular table.

6. Attendee-led table

Give Control To Your Event Participants to Set-up Lounge Tables.

With this feature, the event organizers can allow event participants to set up their tables to open group conversations and roundtable discussions. This update will help your attendees start exciting content tracks at your events. 

Event organizers will be able to moderate these tables and can delete them at any time.

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