Q. I am in a lounge, and I cannot see my camera and mic option. What should I do?

Would you mind making sure that:

  1. Please make sure that you are using the supported browsers.
  2. Please check your camera and mic permissions and give the same to Airmeet.
  3. You cannot see the camera and mic option if you are alone on the virtual tables. You can only see it if you are with other participants.

Q. Can a host be present on two tables at once?

No, the host will have to leave a table, and only then can he join another table.

Q. Can an event organizer or event managers reduce the number of tables from the social lounge?

Yes, you can reduce the number of virtual tables ONLY while creating an Airmeet event, but you cannot reduce the number of virtual tables after the event has been created.

Q. Can a host(event organizer) or event manager edit a table’s seating capacity during the live session?

As a host on the live stage, you won't be able to leave the stage. However, the Event Manager (team member) who is currently not on the stage can edit the seating capacity of any table to a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 2 chairs. 

Q. As a host, can I join any table in the lounge?

As a host, you can join any table in the social lounge irrespective of whether it's full or not. Click on join to join a table. Your profile picture may not appear on the table you had joined if the table is full before you joined. Instead, the "Host is here" message would appear on the top right side of the table where you have occupied the seat.

Q. Can we merge two or more small tables?

No, two or more small tables can’t be merged. Instead, you can increase the occupancy of any table to 8 participants. 

P.S. The host can move to any table even if it is fully occupied.

Q. Can attendees edit the seating capacity of any virtual table?

No, only the host and Event Managers (Team Members) can edit the table occupancy. 

Q. Can speakers join lounge conversations?

Yes, speakers can join virtual tables at the social lounge.

Q. How to edit the Greeting Message in the social lounge?

The new social lounge update lets the host edit the welcome message to greet the users or share instructions during the live event. 

Step 1: Look out for “Configure the social lounge” on the top right corner of the lounge.

Step 2: Edit message in the pop-up and click on "Save." Your message is live.

Q.  What do "fixed" and "expanding" in table configuration mean?

When you are configuring the number of seats on the table, you may choose from the following two options:

1. Fixed: Total number of seats selected by you will be shown upfront to all the users in the social lounge. 

For example: If you choose the total number of seats to be seven on the table, then a total of seven empty seats will appear on the table immediately.


2. Expanding: In this option, the number of seats will increase by one every time a new participant joins the table.
For example:  If you choose a total number of seats to be seven, then a total of four empty seats will appear on the table immediately. When four people have joined the table, the 5th empty seat will automatically appear and so on until the table is full.

Q. Can I fix a table at 11 chairs?

No, fixed tables are only possible for upto 8 seats. If your expanding table has >8 participants on the table, you cannot make it a fixed table.

Need more help? Contact support@airmeet.com or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.