Here’s how you can set up and access tables at the Social Lounge and boost virtual networking at your event. 

Step 1: Select the number of tables you need in your Social Lounge:

a) Add the number of tables you want in your event. (By Default, selected tables are 12, and you can have up to 500 tables for an event),


Note: You can't reduce the number of tables after the Airmeet is created.

Step 2: Setup Virtual tables

You can edit the tables in preview mode(without starting the event) or during the event.
Help Articles: Setup your Airmeet in preview mode without starting the event


Step 3: Configure the Social Lounge
Once you are into the event, click on the configure button to enter lounge Title & Subtitle and disable/enable, one-on-one Speed Networking, and set a time limit.

Step 1: Click on the configure icon (top right corner of the lounge) and change the Social Lounge Title & Subtitle & Enable or disable the speed networking.

Step 2: Click Save to reflect your changes.

Edit Table Details in your Social Lounge:  

  • Hover your mouse towards the table corner and click on the edit option.

  • Add a Title to your table. (Optional)

  • Add Image to your table. (Optional) 
    Recommended dimensions - 144px*56px. 
    Supported formats - SVG, PNG.
    Maximum file size 500 kB.

  • Select the Number of Seats you want at one table. 

  • You can either have a Fixed or Expanding table type as per your requirement. 

  • Click Save to update the settings.


NOTE: The table having 4 seats will automatically expand up to 8 seats, as a host, you can join at any time. 


Video Guide

FAQs: -

1. How to Join or Leave a Table in the Social Lounge?

a) Select a seat to join the table.

b) Click on the Cross (X) sign on the top to leave the table.

Note: There’s an exclusive hidden seat for the host. (Any table can be expanded up to seating of 8 people and the host can reside on any table at any instance taking the total capacity to 9.)

2. How to exchange Information/Details over Chat at the Virtual Table

Step 1: Click on the Chat icon.
Step 2: You can send your message.

NOTE: The table won’t be active until somebody else joins it. 


3. Can I restrict attendees from interacting with each other in the Social Lounge?

No, the host can’t restrict attendees/participants from interacting with each other in the Social Lounge. If you don’t wish your attendees to network, you can disable the social lounge. 

Read this article if you want to know about enabling and disabling virtual tables: 

How to Enable & Disable Virtual Tables?

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