Signing up and Registration

1. Please check your inbox and find the booth invitation link. Click on the "Setup Booth on Airmeet" button, and you will be directed to the Airmeet page.


Note: If you did not get an invitation email due to some technical reasons, then you can ask the event organizer for the global event link. Register for the event using the same email used to add you as a booth exhibitor and go to your booth. Now follow from step 2.

2. Click on the “Go to Booth” button and enter the same email address wherein the link was sent and click “Continue”.

3. You will be asked for a 6-digit verification code or OTP. Check your email inbox to find the verification code. Enter the code and click “Continue”.

3. Enter your name, create a password, and click on the “Sign up” button.

Now it will show you that the sign-up is successful.

4. Now, enter your attendee card information and click “Continue”. Once done, it will show that the registration is complete.

Enter and Setup your Booth

1. If not automatically directed to your booth, click on the “Go to Booth” Button.

2. Give camera and mic permissions.

3. Test your camera and microphone, once ready click on “Enter Venue”.

4. You will be directly led to your booth. Now you can edit or set up your booth as per your needs by clicking on the "Edit Booth Details" buttons.


As a booth exhibitor, you can showcase/exhibit your product/services or brand in many ways:

  • Add Booth Logo
  • Add Booth Banner
  • Add Booth Video
  • Customize Booth Find how
  • Add Booth Descriptions
  • Add Booth Resources
  • Add Website or Social Media Links
    Kindly check our guide to know all dimensions of content- Branding Guide - Conference Format

  • "Register Interest" Button: Prospects can click on this button and provide an email address to know more about the booth product/service.
  • Edit Social Lounge (virtual table names, logo, seat numbers) Find How

Do not forget to save the edited information by clicking on the "Save Booth" button on the top-right side of the page.

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