Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Create an event on Eventbrite
  • Connect Airmeet account to Eventbrite account
    • Creating Eventbrite Private Token
  • Connect an Airmeet event with an Eventbrite event
  • What happens when a participant registers in Eventbrite directly?
  • Points to Keep in Mind
  • Known Limitations
  • FAQ’s


Easily sync Eventbrite event registrations to an Airmeet. Select the event whose participants you'd like to include in an Airmeet, and following that all the future participants will be added to Airmeet automatically.

  • Create an Eventbrite event.

  • Enter the Eventbrite Private Token to connect with your Eventbrite account

  • Visit the Airmeet Integrations page and enable Eventbrite

  • Select the event you wish to connect to that Airmeet, and you're set

Let’s read about the above steps in detail:

Create an event on Eventbrite

Create an event to sell tickets on your website and social channels with Eventbrite. 

  • First, choose to host your event online or at a live location. 

  • Second, add an image and a description of your event. 

  • And the last step is to choose needed information to be collected from your attendees before publishing your event.

Log in to your Eventbrite account and click on "Create event" to get started.

To understand creating an Eventbrite event in detail, kindly refer to the below link :

Create an event on Eventbrite

Connect Airmeet account to Eventbrite account

Once the Eventbrite event and Airmeet event are created, sync data between both the platform. 

Adding at Airmeet Community Level

Step 1:  Go to the community dashboard and click on the “Integrations” tab.

Step 2: Go to the “Apps” tab and under the Eventbrite, click on the “Add“ button.

Step 3: After clicking on Add button, Enter Eventbrite private token, which technically connects both the platforms through an automatic secure authorization.

Creating Eventbrite Private Token

To create a private token on Eventbrite, kindly follow the below process.

a)  After login into your Eventbrite account, go to 

(Profile > Account settings > Developer Links > API Keys)

b) Click on the “Create API key” to generate a private token.

c) Fill up the following details :

Contact Information 

Enter your First Name, Last Name & Company Name.

Application Details

  • Application URL: Enter your Airmeet event link or enter if the event has not been created.
  • Application Name: Type in your Airmeet event name or write “Airmeet” if the event is not created.
  • Description: Type in a short description of your event.
  • Consent: Tick-mark the check box to acknowledge the terms of use mentioned.


d) Click on “Create Key” to generate an API key.

e) After generating the API key, copy the “Private token” under the “keys” section.

Step 4:  Enter the Eventbrite Private Token to connect the Airmeet community with your Eventbrite event.


Connect an Airmeet Event with an Eventbrite Event

After connecting your Eventbrite event with the Airmeet community, you have to enable the integration for your particular event.

Step 1: Go to your event dashboard and click on the “Integrations” tab placed on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Look for the “Eventbrite” tab and toggle the button towards the right. 

Select your Eventbrite organization & Eventbrite event from the list to synchronize the event audience and click the “Save" button.

Disclaimer: Enabling integration will allow both Airmeet and added integration service to send automated emails to registered attendees.

Important Note:

Ensure that the Airmeet Entry Rules are set as desired. While all available options can be used, if you want to limit access to participants added from Eventbrite, we recommend selecting 'Only invited participants.'

What happens when a participant registers on Eventbrite?

As soon as participants register for an event on Eventbrite, an automated 'unique link' will be sent to the same email id used while registering for the Eventbrite event from Airmeet

As an organizer, you can download the list of all participants and send them the 'unique link' if requested.

Reference Article: Download registration details of participants for your event.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Only the Name, Email, Organization, and Designation of the participants will be added to Airmeet. Custom Fields cannot be added.

  • Participants registered on Eventbrite before enabling integration for an event will not be added automatically. You have to export from Eventbrite and upload a CSV file in Airmeet to add participants

    Reference Article:  Upload a list of authorized attendees for an Airmeet event


  • Ensure that the Airmeet Entry Rules are set as desired. While all available options can be used, if you want to limit access to participants added from Eventbrite, we recommend selecting 'Only invited participants.

    Event Dashboard > Event Entry Tab > Edit > Select "Only invited participants"

    Reference ArticleSet up event entry rules for attendees

  • It is recommended to not share the event link with other participants in case integration is enabled as it would allow the participants to bypass the unique link and can enter the event after logging in.

  • Airmeet sends an automated email with a unique link to participants upon registration and as an organizer, you can't resend the mail. However, you can download the list of participants and send the unique entry link of a particular participant personally.

    Event Dashboard > Event Entry Tab > Participants > Download List

Known Limitations

  • Organizers to keep a check on the registered participant’s limits on Airmeet from the event dashboard as a notification would only be sent when the limit reaches 90% & 100%.

  • An attendee would be able to purchase the ticket (via Airmeet ticketing) with the same email id for which they have purchased a ticket on Eventbrite.

  • In case of an Airmeet ticketed event, if an attendee reaches out to the event landing page and clicks on the "I have a ticket" button the automated email with a link would not be sent.
    Participants have to use the unique link sent from Airmeet while registering on Eventbrite only.

  • Participants are recommended to purchase only 1 ticket at a ticket as buying more than 1 ticket will not add details of other participants and only the first participants will receive the magic link to enter the event.


  1. How do I sync participants who have already registered on Eventbrite?
    To sync or add already registered participants into your Airmeet event, kindly follow the following steps:

a) Export CSV from Eventbrite and filer out the name & email address of participants.
                Reference Article: Export attendee summary report

b) Go to your Airmeet event and upload CSV and send them the event link 

    (Event Dashboard > Basic info tab >Copy link).
                Reference Article: 
Upload attendee details

  1. What information does Airmeet receive from Eventbrite?

Airmeet receives registration details like name & email address.

  1. What happens if I disconnect?

As soon as you disconnect, the registration details stop syncing with the Airmeet registration list, and all those already registered will get access to the event.

  1. How will participants get the Airmeet event link?

When participants register on Eventbrite, they receive a unique link via email from Airmeet, which will have seamless access to the event.

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