Booth Exhibitor FAQs

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  1. What is a Virtual booth in Airmeet?
    The booths section is a virtual space where multiple booths can be set up and visited by participants to interact with exhibitors one-on-one on tables and encourage exhibitors to put up stalls at your event to generate leads.

    The booth has striking features like a booth lounge for demos and discussions, company collaterals showcase like brochures, whitepapers, flyers, etc., and a CTA to receive interest from the visitors.

  2. How many booths can I have for my event?
    You can create and run an unlimited number of booths for your event.

  3. How many exhibitors can be assigned to a single booth?
    An event organizer can assign up to 10 booth exhibitors for a single booth.
    Learn More: 
    Add a booth exhibitor for your Airmeet event

  4. Can the event organizer set up the booth as well?
    Yes, Event organizers can also set up the booth on their own on behalf of exhibitors. A few limitations, like a Live demo & showcasing visitors about the exhibitor that is available inside the booth, can be done by the exhibitor only.

    Event organizers can also make themselves exhibitors from the event dashboard. 

  5. How many people can present in or view a booth?
    You can have as many participants as you want to view or enter your booth, as there is no restriction.

  6. Can booths be accessed on mobile apps?

Yes, the Booth can be accessed through Mobile apps and can be viewed via mobile browsers with limited access.

Booth Setup

  1. How to set up a booth?
    To set up the booth kindly refer to the booth setup guide.

  2. What kinds of booth layouts are available for the booth in Airmeet?
    In Airmeet you can set up your booth in 3 ways:
    Standard layout
    b) Custom layout
    c) Poster layout

  3. Can I order my booths in a certain way?
    Yes, the event organizer can order the booth the way they want to, from the event’s dashboard.

    Event dashboard > Event Spaces tab > Booths Tab > “
    Drag & pull” the booth according to your preference.

  4. Can I add social media links in a booth?
    Yes, you can add social media links in the standard booth layout, whereas in a custom booth layout, you need to embed the same on the booth itself.

  5. Can I add a participant as BOTH a speaker and a booth exhibitor?
    Yes, you can add the same person as the Booth exhibitor and a speaker using the same email address.

  6. Can my event attendees access the booths after the event is over?
    No, Once the event is marked as ended by the organizer, the attendees can’t access the booth.

  7. Can the event organizer add the same booth owner to multiple booths?

Yes, it is possible. Please ensure to use the same booth exhibitor emails while doing the same.

  1. Is there an option to add PDFs or more direct links to default booths?
    No, only 5 resource slots are available.

                                         Interaction & Networking

  2. What are the ways a visitor can interact with exhibitors or booth organizers?
    Visitors can interact with exhibitors in 3 ways
    a) Connect them on the 
    Virtual tables present at each booth.
    b) Attend the 
    live demo in the booth
    c) Ask questions or chat with them on the “
    Chat with Us” option present in the booth.

  3. How many virtual tables can we have in the Booth?
    A particular booth can have up to 6 Virtual tables by default, which can be increased to 12.

  4. Can we remove or hide virtual tables on booths?
    Yes, the event organizers can hide the Virtual tables on booths from the dashboard.
    Read about: How to set up booths in Airmeet ?

  5. How to conduct a live demo for my visitors?
    Kindly have a look at “How to conduct a live demo on booth guide”.

  6. How to go live on Booth?
    The exhibitors can click on “+Start a Live Broadcast” on the left side of the Booth to go live.

  1. As a booth visitor, how do I know if the Booth is live?
    The attendees can do the following:
    a) Click on the “
    Notify me” option for a particular booth to get notified when the exhibitors go live.
    b) Once the exhibitor goes live, the Booth Live link will be shared on the 
    event feed. Attendees can click on the link to join the exhibitor.
    c) The attendee can also go through the booth section and see the red “
    Live” button indicating the exhibitor is live.

  2. Can the attendees access the booth table while the live broadcast is on?
    the attendee can still access the Booth tables when the broadcast is live. Once they join the live broadcast, the tables will be inaccessible.

  3. Can we record the Booth live demo or broadcast?

No, the live demos are not recorded yet.

  1. Can we view the attendee count on Booth's live broadcast?
    Unfortunatelythe Booth Attendee count is not shown on Booth's live broadcast, but the visitor count can be seen on the Visitor panel.


  2. There is no sound on the booth banner video. Help?
    Videos will be on mute and auto-played by default. Also, ensure the volume is not muted by clicking the volume icon.

  3. Booth Exhibitors not receiving emails to set up the Booth. Help?
    Please check with the event organizer that the email address used is the same. If you need more help, please visit our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

  4. I cannot access the Booth with the exhibitor link; it says, “Access not found.” Help?
    Please ensure that :
    a) The event organizer has not removed you as the exhibitor.
    b) Make sure you have logged in using the same email address to add you as the exhibitor.

    Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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