Integrate Airmeet with Salesforce Pardot

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1. Overview

Easily sync Pardot Prospects with your event as participants. Prospects added to a Pardot List are added to the event automatically.

Supports mapping of custom registration fields with Pardot Prospect fields. Attendees can be sent to a separate Pardot List. Unique join links are updated in Pardot. Engagement details can be sent back to Pardot as Pardot External Activities.

2. Connect Pardot to you Airmeet community

Step 1: Log in at with your organizer ID. Click on the "Integration tab" from the left-hand side of the community dashboard.

Step 2: Under the Apps section, search for "Pardot" and click on the "Connect" button.

Step 3: Enter the Salesforce business unit ID and Pardot domain.

Step 4: Click on "Connect."

Note: Connecting Pardot to the Airmeet community is a one-time activity. You don't need to repeat the above steps to connect it to another event later. 

2.1. How do I get the business unit ID and Pardot Domain?

For Business unit ID, kindly follow the steps:

Step 1: Login to your Salesforce account and go to Marketing Setup.

Step 2: Click on "Business Unit Setup" from the right-hand side, add a new business unit, or copy the business Unit ID from an existing business unit.

For the Pardot domain, kindly follow the steps:

Step 1: Login to your Pardot account via Salesforce login.

Step 2: Copy the Pardot URL from the top.

Note: Kindly copy the URL excluding "https://"

3. Enable Pardot at event level

Once the Pardot is connected to Airmeet Community, you can connect both platforms at the event level. Let's see how to enable the integration at the event level.

Step 1: Go to your particular Event dashboard and click on the Integrations tab.

Step 2: Click on "Enable."

Now, depending on your requirements, you can Export registration details from Airmeet to Pardot or send or add contact details to Airmeet.

3.1. Export from Airmeet to Pardot

You can export your event registration details from Airmeet.

Step 1: Enable the "Export from Airmeet" toggle.

Step 2: Select the Pardot List or Prospect List from the dropdown option where you want to export registration data to Pardot.

Step 3: Enable the "direct access link," which is a unique link for all registrants, and enable the attendee list (if required).

Step 4: Map the Airmeet fields to your Pardot fields.

Step 5: Click on "Save" to complete the process of the integration.

3.1.1. Engagement Activities sent to Pardot Initial SetUp in  Salesforce Pardot

1. Setting up Airmeet Extension 


   Extension Name - Airmeet


2. Following are the activities and API names that are sent to Salesforce Pardot from an Airmeet event:

Activity Name                                                        API Name

Event Registered


Event Attended


Question Asked


Session Attended


Poll Response


Joined Table


Booth Visited


Clicked CTA


UTM Source


Joined OnDemand Event


Joined OnDemand Session


UTM Medium


UTM Campaign


Joined Event


Joined Booth


Joined Session


Joined Stage


Leaderboard Score


Opened Resource


Engagement Score


3. Set a Business Unit Assignments. The name should be same as your Business Unit Name.

3.1.2  Selecting External Activities to send to Pardot

  • You can select the engagement data that you wish to send to Pardot from Airmeet. This data is added as External Activity in Pardot. 
  • Leaderboard score and Engagement score are added to unique Prospect fields created for each event.
  • Registration UTM data can be sent to specific Prospect Fields.

3.2. Import from Pardot to Airmeet

You can import your prospect's details and add them as a registrant on Airmeet. Once a prospect is added to Airmeet, a unique link is sent to there respective email address.

Step 1: Enable the "Import from Pardot" toggle.

Step 2: Select the Pardot List or Prospect List from the dropdown option where you want to import data from Pardot to the Airmeet event.

Step 3: Map the Airmeet fields to your Pardot fields.

Step 4: Click on "Save" to complete the process of the integration.

4. Things to keep in mind

  • Supports mapping of custom registration fields with Pardot Prospect fields

  • Prospects in Pardot are added to a specific Pardot List. A direct Access Link for the event will be added to Prospects.

  • Participants who registered for the Airmeet Event before enabling this integration for the event will not be added automatically. You must export from Airmeet and upload a CSV file in Pardot to add those participants.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge. 

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